Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Praying for an Enemy

We are reading a chapter of Luke every evening this Advent season. 

Luke 6:27-36. 

How do I love Jesse Jones, the defendant in the murder of my son? He would certainly count as an enemy, the person I have wanted most in my life to hate - even more than my abuser. 

I know I must love him or Satan working through him wins a major victory in my life. 

I have CHOSEN to love him - but I don't feel it at all. 

What CAN I do at this point to put love into action? 

I can forgive him - and keep forgiving him as often as I need to. I can forgive him for the impact his actions have had on my life and the lives of the friends and family of Josiah. 

I can pray for him. I would love to let myself off the hook and pray one of David's Psalms down on his head...but instead I pray for God's grace in his life, I pray for his salvation, I pray for his girlfriend and unborn child's safety, I pray conviction in his heart and the heart of all those who helped him end up where he is. I pray for his safety in prison. 

I also pray for justice. 

I can be merciful - even as my Heavenly Father is merciful. 

I don't want to. I really don't want to...but through sobs, I will and do. 

Because neither God, nor Josiah, would want me to let this man change my heart. 

It's been our family vision to love love God wholeheartedly and love others deeply. 

This one is HARD. 

How's your Advent going? 

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