Thursday, February 08, 2024

Meeting Josi Faith

I was at Walmart in Eagle River BRIGHT and EARLY. I picked up a new phone and brought it back to Jared and Larissa's to charge while we all went into Anchorage for them to meet Josi.  I do believe Carrie had more folks in and out of her room than I have EVER seen in a hospital room. Friends, nurses, her family, our was a lot...even with all trying to be super considerate and not come without invitations.  She was gracious to allow us all to share in her exciting day. I was glad Livie had been able to stay at the hospital and that Carrie didn't have any complications. 

Carrie, Liv and Josi

I am trying to find the words to describe this day. It was a day of incredible joy. Josi arrived SAFELY. Carrie did so good to walk through the 4 months of pregnancy with the events of Oct 23rd, the absence of Josiah and all the things that leads to. We had all prayed fervently for the pregnancy, for Josi's safety and Carrie's health. This was a day of answered prayer. It was a day of gratitude and great rejoicing. 

Jared, Noah, Livie, Carrie, Larissa and Josi

It was also a difficult day. Josiah's presence was so real in that room. I could sense his excitement and joy and love for Carrie, Livie and Josi. I knew how very proud he would be of Carrie and how much he longed and prayed for the child she was carrying.  He was so present and yet so absent.  Dallas Willard has said words to the effect heaven and earth are separated by a curtain. That God simply pulls back the curtain and we walk from earth to heaven when we die. Being in this room - I sensed how very thin the curtain is between here and heaven...and yet it IS a separation... Even now I cry when thinking how much Josiah looked forward to raising Livie and Josi and how much we have all lost by his death. We've been robbed. Our hope is in a God who restores and redeems the brokenness of this world. All the feels in one small space and place.  

A big shout out to Providence, who cared for us so well. When we arrived the lady at the door recognized us and wrote out tags for us with cheery and compassionate words. The nurses took such great care of our gals. And when one or more of us had to bounce into the hall to release emotions, they were compassionate and kind. 

God was so very good to us to shepherd little Josi safely into our arms. I've never been so aware of how a child contains the life of a parent. A little slice of Josiah's life, his DNA, is still alive and well on earth with us through Josi.  It's really impossible to describe the day...but I've tried. 

Jamin and Josi

Josi Faith is such a beautiful gift of God to so many people! 

I actually think this is from the first night. 

A Happy Bachan with two sweet girls! 

Jared and Josi

Noah was not sure WHAT he thought of Mommy and Daddy holding a little baby! It was amazing to us how much Noah seemed to grow overnight when compared to Josi. 
Jared & Larissa with Josi and Noah

We have thought and commented on how thankful we are that Jared and Larissa had moved back from Juneau and had the last 2 1/2 - 3 years to live in the same neighborhood with Josiah, Carrie and Liv. What a blessing it is to have them living so nearby to Carrie and the girls! Jamin has also moved back to Eagle River. Carrie's neighbors are amazing too. It's always a race to see who will shovel her drive first. 
Such gifts to our hearts - Larissa and Josi

Ah! Noah bear wants to be sure we all know THIS is HIS Mommy! 

We all left, and hoped Carrie would get some rest. I headed back to the Valley and drove back in the afternoon, with the girls, Michael and GG. GG decided not to hold Josi, he said she was too small. But we all got to meet her. 

Pastor Brian asked a couple of months ago where we were finding joy in this season. I didn't have a ready answer...but we are finding joy right here! Look at that doll! 
So blessed. 

Allie and Josi

Livie with the Aunts

I really don't know who Josi will end up looking like. I know her dark head of hair comes from Carrie! She has her Daddy's dimples, his long toes and fingers and Carrie reports she has his laid-back personality. It will be fun to get to know her as she grows into her personality. 

Josi and Stacia

Papa and Josi

Krista was out of the country when Josi was born. She was quick to go meet Josi when she got home. The emotions hit like a freight train...such joy and grief...together. It truly is o.k. God made us human.

We are so thankful, blessed and relieved for Josi's safe arrival. I think it is fitting to insert this screenshot here. This is part of the prayer prayed for our family shortly after Josi's arrival. 

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