Friday, March 08, 2024

Girls that Warm My Heart

I sit and look over the day and realize I got to spend the day with special girls that warm my heart...add Stacia to this photo. 

Allie and I made it out for our "weekly" one-on-one date. It's been several weeks since we've gone out due to her college schedule. It was good to sit and talk. We came up with a plan for our Bible study times for the rest of the year.  We didn't take a photo at the cafe but here is one of us at home. My poor family and friends. I'm BLOOOOOGGGGING again. Smile, pretty! LOL 

Me & Allie

I made sourdough rolls today.  They are good. I didn't put the honey and butter on them that was called for. Someone asked me what we're doing with all this bread...WELLLL....we eat quite a bit, I give a bit away, I double wrap and freeze some for later use. Seriously, my doc recommended sourdough and making it is far cheaper than purchasing it. As I've been making a few other things with the starter this week I've realized the ole standard I make most days is very healthy. It has no sugar or butter in it. It's starter, flour, water, and salt.  The fermentation is good for gut health. All in all - if we want bread this is a good choice... I like baking bread, and they like eating's therapeutic.  These are wrapped and in the freezer.   I was afraid they wouldn't rise but they rose quite well. 

These gals reached out to me and asked if we could get together. Oh, yes. There is a new spot in town we tried....The Sweet Gypsy. YUMMY food - and the prices were good too. I had a Kale salad that was fabulous. They have a couple of calzones Michael may like. We'll have to try a date night soon. 

Melany, Me and Joelle #girltribe

Michael and Dad stayed home with pizza for dinner. The girls are at an ice skating/hot chocolate party with friends from college tonight. 

Check out Josi - I think she's figured out the thumb thing. 
Josi @ 1 month - photo by Carrie

Livie displays a style we see a lot of up here! 
Photo by Carrie

Look at that SMILE and dimple! 
Photo by Carrie

Does anyone else feel like this has been a really long week? I am ready for a slower pace for a couple of days. 


1. One-on-one time with Allie. 

2. A community that loves us well. 

3. Two more girls are going "with me" to IF:2024 - Arielle & Carrie. 

4. Friends - love you Melany and Joelle. 

5. A husband who doesn't think twice about finishing the stretching and folding of sourdough, cookie dinner himself and hanging out with Dad so I can duck out for a few hours with friends. 

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