Thursday, March 14, 2024

Thursday with Jenni

It's such a welcome marker of time, a clear signal another week is coming to an end,  to have Jenni over on Thursdays.   After dinner tonight we settled down for Farkle with our cups of tea.  

We realized we are nearing the end of the Olaf scorebook. It was fun to look back and remember playing in Oregon, the trailer, the RV, and here in Alaska. I'm not sure I can throw the notebook away. It contains so much more than scores. It's a record of family fun...Gma and Gpa and Lori are in it...and Larissa's first time playing with us, and of course Josiah.  It's time to begin looking for another one.   I honestly don't remember who won....wait...Allie, I think! LOL 

Yes, Thursday nights mean an episode (or two) of "All Creatures Great and Small." We have finished season 1. 
Ready for the episode 

Allie is working on a blanket, I didn't catch a shot of Jenni's project, Stacia finished her hat for Ellie and no new projects. 

Another great Thursday with Jenni. We DO love having everyone over...but recently, as we've had Arielle and kids, Bre and kids, Carrie and the girls, then Krista and Nolan, and Jenni tonight I realize how nice it is too to gather in smaller groups. 

1. Learning new things about self and grace. 

2. Intimate time with family and friends. 

3. Spring Break - a more relaxing pace. 

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