Saturday, April 06, 2024

Bella is Turning 8

Bella Turns 8 on April 12th! That feels unreal! In some ways it's gone so quickly and in other ways life has totally transitioned since her birth. LOL Bella is a social butterfly, is mastering phonics, is a wonderful big sister to her four siblings, and a big help to Bre. Bella sparkles. She has a way of drawing people to her and that is never more evident than on her birthday. 

Today was Bella's friend party, though several family members crashed the party at her invitation. LOL Her theme was ice cream - or that's the theme I picked up on. Bre made darling cupcakes in ice cream cones, there were little dishes of ice cream and ice cream toppings, and even a photo booth featuring an ice cream truck. 

Annie's feet, Nolan, Stacia, Jamin, Andrew, Lorelai

Izaak and Trudy

Allie, Stacia and I went over. A highlight was seeing several friends from MAG. 
Bre, Rebekah, Melany

Bella was dressed in an ice cream dress, be watching for more shots of it...but here you can see the sprinkles on top.
Annie, Bella, Gideon

Melany, Andrea and me

Kids and Hope

Nolan and Stacia

Jenni and Joelle (Jenni's sister)

Ketziah, Leah, Morgan and Jojo

The girls are pushing on a big school project this weekend - in between all the social activities. We had agreed we would stay an hour and so we popped out. Bre sent photos from the photo booth. We totally missed it. 

4 of BreZaak's children 

Jojo, Bre, Bella, Annie, Gideon

Nolan and Annie

Bekah, Bre, Joelle, Jenni

BreZaak's kids! 

Bella, Jojo, Annie, Gideon


Uncle Nolan with kids

Jojo and Nolan

Hope, Lucas, Lucy (Joelle's children)

Bre, Annie and Gideon 

Bre is the party queen and a master memory creator! Another great day in the books. 

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