Friday, October 27, 2006

Book Dilemma

We have a store in town - the Book Heaven; "where good books go after they've been read." She will give you IN STORE credit of 50% the original purchase price of your book. Then when you go to buy a book (priced at 50% off original) you have to pay 25% the cost and the other 25% in credits.

I also have Paperback Swap. With this one I have a wish list, I post books I have to send out and I can print the wrapper right at the site. I only have to put 1.59 postage on a book to send it out.

How would you all decide where to send your books????? Though I really want to keep them doesn't work well with moving every 3 years so I tend to pass on the fiction mysteries..... I AM keeping Penn Dutch Inn, and Rex Stout books. LOL


Jen said...

I personally do not like UBS that give you in store credit. That forces you to use your credit there. I would rather have money.

I guess PBS works the same way, but for some reason I see it differently. I guess because it is more like a trading situation and the credits come out even.

I have had good and bad experiences with UBS and tend to NOT give them my books.

The advantage to local is you don't pay postage, but then you end up paying way too much for a used book, I think.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yep - Jen - those are my thoughts. I don't really want to HAVE to spend my $ in one store...and now that PBS has about 5 books on my way....maybe I'll stick with them. LOL

I think I hit a roll of a sudden. Who finished reading???? Do one of you have my same taste in books?????