Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I've run all day. The day has not been what I thought it would be - but it's been full of blessings.

I ran out to Walmart early this a.m. to buy Mandy some flowers - I give the PWOC ladies roses on their birthday month. I knew the day would be busy and wanted to do it early so I wouldn't forget.

We did a bit of school.

Charly called. She dropped by to pick up some co-op goodies....and we visited. We don't get to visit nearly enough lately. She and her family are going to be on TV. She will tape it for me - as I don't get TV....but basically they are going to interview a mom who runs her own business and follow her day and then follow stay-at-home, home-school Charly. We talked about her teaching her little ones Latin for the show. ::snort::

I ran to Heather's birthday party. This was FUN. I got to meet someone whose name I have heard constantly. The conversation was fun. The food was good and that chocolate cake that Heather likes at Johnny Carinnos (still don't know how to spell that) is AWESOME.

I left there a bit early to run home and go see *Facing the Giants*. I've heard so much about this movie. When it first came out I called our ONE theater and they said they wouldn't be bringing it to town. Grrrr.....a local Baptist church guaranteed to buy 700 tickets and they brought it for ONE WEEK. I didn't want us to miss this. We went. Stacia did NOT nap, when Stacia is rowdy...Zander sees no reason to sit still....so I missed 9/10th of the movie. The children told me it was a wonderful movie...that's its one I NEED and will WANT to see....I asked when their latest showing is: 9:30. They said they'll have it for another week....::snort:: I'm guessing way more than 700 tickets have sold....they were full today and I've never seen this theater full for anything at 1:30 p.m. They were sold out on Sunday. I'm thinking I could go see movies at 9:30 after I get the little one down....I could. I may sleep through it though. In AK I learned that I could go to movies with my friends and it was o.k. (Mike doesn't care for many movies). Here, I think I'm learning that I can go alone and it will be fine. LOL Maybe tomorrow night. Tonight Stacia is wide awake.

During the movie, Zander looked at me and said, "I miss my daddy". I said, "I miss your daddy too". To which he replied, "Actually you miss your Michael." Smart kid. I discovered the theater has booster seats for kids. Cool. Of course my two were more interested in carrying them up and down the halls than watching the movie.

I adapated Cindy's (QB) famous um....Cheese covered Pork Chops...or something like that. I'm not sure what the title is. I made it with chicken and butter and other than that was about the same. It was good. The picture above cracks me up. I've been seeing pictures of this posted and well.....there you go...my china....but well....confession time..... we ate on PAPER PLATES TONIGHT. ::Snort:: ::hiccup:: I also made garlic bread, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, fruit plate and salad.

Arielle took a look at dinner and started crying. That's not a good sign. It turns out she was not feeling well. She's sleeping - we'll see. Jared was also not feeling well but I think it had to do with his run.

I'm organizing some toys for Mike to have the troops take to an orphanage. I suppose I should post more about that. This is turning into a COOL project. Today I talked to our Wing Chaplain and he is going to let me announce it in both the Catholic and Protestant parishes. We'll collect toys on the 26th and I'll send them priority mail on Monday...I think they'll arive before the trip to the orphanage on the 10th of December. Anyway, I've been perplexed trying to come up with a catchy title for this for the chapel bulletins...,. Ch. G wants your toys doesn't seem right...toys for chaplain is how I termed it.....toys for troops...toys for ARGH....who knows....

Bible study tonight. I forgot to take Mandy's roses. Ah well...that's a blessing because I'll enjoy them this week and take her some more. Had a great conversation with Debbie after Bible Study. It feels like I've not seen her for a long time....I've really been home much of the past three weeks with sick babies.

I got home and MY PAMPERED CHEF ORDER WAS HERE!!! Wow. It was ordered the 10th. I'm totally impressed.

I love this tray. It won't work for turkey - it spins - but it will be great for tea or treats for sick kids in bed. Jared wasn't sure he wanted to "vanna" the tray but Stacia had no qualms.

Stacia was fascinated with the kitchen spritzer.....


Anonymous said...

Any specifics on the toys? And could I please have your address again? I cannot find it. I have that same PC tray but in the white and I love it! I have used it at every show since I got it last month and to serve munchies in my home. By the way, the knives, absolutely worth the price (though earning them at a discount is even better!=>). I used the Santoku for the first time to make chicken curry and it was a breeze. I've been using the 5" at all my shows and it works well for everything. Hope your troops feel better. How are you doing? Talk to you later.

Kristine in SA

Kristine said...

Yum, it's midnight and I'm starving. Seeing those pork chops makes me think I need to make them again! LOL about putting the food on the china to take the picture but eating on paper plates! I posted a pic of green eggs today. Knowing ahead of time that I'd take a picture of it, I carefully considered my white china with blue flowers, or the kids' fun plastic plates that are bright blue with a fish on them. The fish definitely won out!

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to try that recipe with chicken. I didn't even think of that.

You'll love your tray! I use mine all the time. I put our meat and potatoes on it and set it on the table. I've used it for other things, too, but it's too early to remember what they were :)

Glad you were able to go to Bible study. It is good to get out of the house now and then. I have to not get out too much this week LOL. Something has to go one of these evenings! There is something every eveninging through Sunday!


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

KRISTINE - you are a PC consultant now? I didn't realize that. I could buy from you - I'll ALWAYS be able to find you! LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

ARGH....Kristine in CO - NO - they are NOT Pork Chops - they are Chicken BREASTS!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kelly - good luck with your crazy schedule. I seem to hit a week like that every 6 -8 weeks. I need to say NO to overbooking. LOL

Emily said...

I am a movie buff. For years Carlos wasn't too interested in going to movies so there were many times that I ventured there alone. Then I started going every Sunday night with my friend Lisa but last year our hubby's decided they wanted to go too so now our date night is every Sunday night and it's usually a movie and then coffee afterwards :-) We chose Sunday night because both of our guys are off on Monday's.
Facing the Giants is still playing here. It has been here it seems like forever. The theaters say it's still going strong! My inlaws saw it last week and loved it.
Love your china and your new tray. That is one PC item that I do not have.

Cynthia said...

I'm glad you liked the topping. It's one of our FAVORITES! I bet it was really good on chicken, too.

Diann said...

I heard Facing the Giants is coming out on DVD at the end of January. At least you might be able to see the whole thing then. LOL


Anonymous said...

Sis: Wow! When I saw Stacia with her set jaw as she tried to take the tray from Jared..... her greatgrandma Simmons' look. :) Love the stuff Alexander comes up with.


Jodi said...

You know it's bad when the kids cry just looking at dinner, LOL. Hope she's feeling better soon. Loved all the pictures.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mom - yep she does have some of grams' temperment. I thought of Grams a lot yesterday. I printed out the "Warning, When I am an old woman I shall purple with a red hat" poem for Heather's birthday. Grams' spunk - something I admired for years....and that determination, spunk has to start somewhere...in a strong willed child I would suspect. LOL

Diann thanks for the tip on the DVD.

Jodi - my thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

Love the tray and frightened by the spritzer. lol After I saw the spritzer at a PC show (but it would have put me over my order budget!) my mom found me a knock-off at Tuesday Morning. I was using it the other day and it slipped out of my hand. It bottom cracked off as it hit the floor. My floor still feels like it's coated in olive oil! It got the rug, floor, cabinet, inside the lazy susan, the dog, me.... I learned that while the puppy enjoys liking up spilled oil before you can get him out of the room it doesn't seem to agree with him. (shudder)

(This is partially where I've been! lol)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for the warning, Steph.