Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I seem to be on a sock theme. If, even after pinning socks, you find yourself with odd socks, I have about 50 uses for them. This is our favorite. In colder states we've lived in (MT, AK) little wheat or rice pillows are very popular. You throw these in the microwave, heat them up for a couple of minutes, and then have them to keep you warm.

Long ago I realized I could take a spare sock, fill it with rice and use it the same way for a fraction of the cost. These big boy socks work great to put around your neck for stiff necks. We use smaller ones for "hand warmers" get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

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Cynthia said...

We have LOTS of those rice pillows and socks around here! We're still using them an it's the end of April (LOL). My family bought me a nice smelling one from the mall for Christmas so I wouldn't always smell like a burnt rice (LOL)! Now I smell like all kinds of nice smelling herbs when they come around the couch... like I have much time to sit there anyway... vbg

Kathy in WA said...

Hello! So glad to see you join the WFMW foray. :) We had two of these but they were filled with flax seed and not rice. Rachel (12) and I LOVED them and would heat them continually throughout the day. Dh was not crazy about the smell.

How does rice work? Any particular rice? Is it very smelly?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

We tend to use wheat most often and it smells sort of bread like. LOL Rice is fine and I don't remember a smell at all. LOL