Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Bible Study that is. Thanks to all who prayed that I'd have direction the past few days. I'm really excited again. I have a LOT of study to do in the next few days in order to get the first lesson out by Friday - Sunday.

In Januaray, as I was reading through Judges, God dropped a phrase into my heart. I turned it into my email signature line so that I'd continue to marinate on it. "Dare to be a Deborah in a Little Debbie World." This a.m., as I woke, I was praying....I told God, "I need a passage for this week....I can take it week by week if you want me to, but I need to know what to do for this week." I have options. I have some Bible Study teachers on DVD that we could listen too - they would be great and would not require study time for anyone; but I want to be in the Word and my ladies want to be in the Word. As I prayed.......that sig line "Dare to be a Deborah" popped into my head. Huh? I hopped out of bed, read the first 5 chapters of Judges....yes....I do think this would be valuable. We've talked about courage and peace the past couple of weeks in our other study. I can build on that foundation.

At this point I think we can spend one week getting an overview of the time of Judges. Then the ollowing two weeks on Deborah and Barak and Jael. Maybe one week Ch. 4 and the other week Ch. 5.

God is good. He dropped the desire to do more study on Deborah in my heart 4 months ago. And here it is - an opportunity to do just that. I wish I'd figured this out on Tuesday night because then I'd have worksheets, charts et al to email out....but I guess we'll have to overveiw the thing without charts this time. ::snort::

Please do continue to pray that I'll find time to study a lot in the next few days. Thanks.



Michelle said...

I'm praying the time makes itself available to you and the Holy Spirit fills you with wisdom and understanding as you prepare the lessons. :)

Anonymous said...

Totally cool He's bringing clarity!

Debbie said...

Great! I've enjoyed your sig line and now God is using that idea to spur on more study.

Anonymous said...

hey there! Thanks for displaying my button! I just noticed you have one now too so it is on my blog!

Romany said...


I came back to your blog to look for your post about the Homeschool blog awards and can't find it. I just skimmed it before. Am I mad or did you post something about becoming a team member there?

Maybe I dreamed the whole thing. I've been doing that a lot lately. I think it must be the MentalPause.

Oh no, the dreaded letters! Gotta go get my reading glasses! LOL!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Dorothy - yes, I'm a team member. There is a button in the sidebar that will take you to the HSBA site if you'd like. LOL