Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photobucket Where Have I Been/ Changes?

Hmmm....I really have not updated since Thursday. ::snort::

I wouldn't be updating now but had to go online to load a co-op spreadsheet and my blog popped up. LOL

I've been very busy pulling together a study, writing a week ahead, and living our life. Maybe tonight or tomorrow I can update further.

I wanted to quickly comment on the letter verification you have to leave to post a comment now. It was either that or switch comment moderation (ACK - another thing to do). I've received two offers of child prostitution on my blog in the comment section. I'm hoping that adding the letter verification will stop it as spam bots and spiders won't be able to leave comments. Sorry, I hate the letters too. 90% of the time I get the wrong letters. I may leave it this way a week or so and then try again without them. If it were just swearing or such I would have simply deleted as I've done in the past...but vile links I don't want on my blog for even a moment.



Cynthia said...

Maybe that's what I'll need to do as well since I was getting strange comments.... my quick solution was to set my blog to private (LOL).... guess I need to revisit that soon.

Unknown said...

I had a terrible comment left on my blog. I set comments to word verification as well. Its a real bummer but I can't have that junk on my blog.

Cynthia said...

Ok.. now I see that I'm caught up again... and I also noticed that I've not been asked for word verification this time... perhaps you took it off.... Anyway.. It's nice to have caught up with you again.