Saturday, May 10, 2008


Josiah - took his last exam of his Freshman year on Friday. He has already seen a posted grade from one class - an A. He's been working a LOT of extra hours as one manager has been in the hospital, one has been I'm not sure what and the other is out of town. We've prayed him through the busy schedule and now he has the summer to recoup.

He did get an A or A+ on his paper on FDR in English. That has to be a highlight of the year to pull an A for the "tough prof" in WRITING - which isn't HIS thing. LOL

Jamin saw his words in print twice this week....published in print as opposed to published online. LOL I was at the gym on Thursday and Angela asked, "Did someone in your family write the editor?" She told me the name and it was Jamin. He'd written about the FLDS stuff going on around here. We've heard from several who read his letter and liked what he had to say. I told him to prepare for someone to shred him next week on the editorial page. ::snort::

Jamin also had his article on Mike come out in The Message - Open Bible's magazine. It's not up on the web - or I'd link. I think it turned out well....great article on chaplains and fun photos of Mike. ::snort::

Oh, Jamin won a contest at Writer's Bloc . The story was titled "The Spartan" and it's been published here. He became a staff writer for Real Teen Faith recently too.

Jared has decided to enter an essay contest. I need to buy the books he has to read before he writes the essay. LOL

Arielle was thrilled when a friend, Emma, brought over another stack of Elsie Dinsmore books.



Kathy in WA said...

Look at all the readers and writers you have in your family. Fantastic!! That's a wonderful legacy to leave them. Good job, Mom/Teacher!!

Kathy in WA said...

Just read the Spartan story. Excellent! It definitely left me wanting to read more.

Anonymous said...


MY! MY! MY! We have awesome kids (M/D) and awesome G'kids in Texas!!

Proud of all of you and everything you all do!

Congrats Josiah! Congrats Jamin!

Congrats Mike/DeEtta!

l/p Mom T

Kristine said...

LOVE hearing how God blesses your family like this, DeEtta, it is all so encouraging to other families!