Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photobucket Friday Nights

We got into the habit years ago, when the older set were young, of letting the children have a sleep over every Friday night in the family room. This was fun for them and special - especially as we don't do sleep overs. ::snort::

Whe we moved to this house.....the practice stopped as we didn't have a family room...the girls left home...the older two boys work late and long and want to sleep comfortable on Friday night...but the younger ones miss it.

I got home last night at 12:30 a.m. and found this in the living room.
RESOLVED: I'll quit fussing about the cluttered living room and my loss of early Saturday solitary study time...and help them make this a memory. They need it.

It's now after 10:00 p.m. Mike still isn't home. The Hank the Cowdog/Adventures in Odyssey controversy has been mediated....I'm going to go read...either Escape or Commentaries. We shall see.



Kathy in WA said...

De'Etta - what a sweet picture! I love it. What is it about family sleepovers? Our kids enjoy that as well. In fact, David (7) and Sarah (5) are currently on the floor in my room having a slumber party. Rachel is away and Sarah doesn't like sleeping alone. She's been bunking in with the boys (on the floor) but was kicked out this evening. Poor kid.

I'm with your older boys - I like to have a comfortable bed and the chance of sleeping in on Saturday morning. ha!

Anonymous said...


Give those "little ones" a hug and kiss from me. They look so sweet and precious!

Have a great day!!


Mom T