Friday, May 30, 2008

Photobucket FRIDAY!!!!!

Produce co-op is growing and that is nice. It's my big social outing of the week. ::snort::

Sherri brought me her catalog so I can pick out perfect paper to match the albums I have and get started on my new style.

Deja and I decided to get our kids together this afternoon. They have the best yard in town....however I am content with our small yard...less to mow. Right? Right!

Here are some photos for THAT - can you believe it? Not more than 10 minutes and they are ready to print.

Our little mechanics cracked me up. They were playing and then the truck quit nothing flat they were kicking tires and such - and it worked.

Tonight we'll eat pizza, watch movies, play games......Tomorrow's the PWOC tea. Oh NO - I just realized today was the SACHSA End of Year Pool Party. Oops.



Cynthia said...

SEE! THIS is why I'm hooked. You can come home and quickly do a 2 page (or more or less) spread very quickly... I've been printing once a week or so and every week we have CURRENT pictures laying out on the table to enjoy! It's REALLY NICE!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I'll have to look into where I can get them printed....and take the time to explore the different pages....saving them is taking me the longest. I'm sure there is a system that I'll work out as I go and then it will quicker.

I need to find the pages with more journaling boxes...but I'm having fun. LOL

Jodi said...

Wow these are great. hope I can figure it out that easily!

Laura said...

I keep meaning to ask you about your produce co-op. I am a part of a regular co-op up here in MO (United, like you) but we have such a need for a good produce co-op. Is yours part of a national organization or is it more local? I would LOVE to get one set up here.