Friday, May 30, 2008

Photobucket Scrapbooking!

Less than 5 minutes to do these pages! Can you believe it? The photos were on my computer, I dragged them and wala......

These are random photos I took yesterday - a sample of our day:

I'm not sure you can read the text here...but the recipe is even on this page! LOLPhotobucket

Any room can be the school room

Thanks Cindy for calling me this a.m. and telling me I needed to try this! ::snort:: Go visit Cindy to see more layouts she has done. I think I'll continue with my current plan for the "hard photos" and then go digital when I hit the digital years.

I had no clue Smilebox did PAGES as well as slide shows. I can have these printed at a local store for less than it cost to buy paper, pages, stickers. The best thing is that Smilebox is running a free promotion for teachers. Go here to find more details. If you can't get in on the free thing - it's $39 a year - and you get TONS of templates for FREE on your computer. I can take ONE laptop to project night and scrapbook.



Cynthia said...

CUTE! Seems like you've got the hang of it pretty quickly...

Jodi @ SNAPPED said...

Those look great!
And as I am a year behind on my scrapbooking, this might be a huge time and money saver!
Thanks for the idea! I will have to research this a bit more.
Have a great weekend~