Saturday, May 31, 2008

Photobucket Preparing for the Bridegroom

This afternoon was our PWOC "spring" Tea. Our theme was Preparing for the Bridegroom. We fondly remembered those things we did in prep for our weddings and marriages. These women are good! Several mentioned learning what they could about the military lifestyle as they were about to become military spouses. WOW - I hadn't thought of that and it tied in with how we can spiritually prepare for our Spiritual bridegroom. We can learn about his lifestyle, study how we can be fit to help etc. We then talked about having a Tryst - "a secret, arranged meeting between lovers"; instead of a "spiritual discipline". I thought of passing out silky pjs but figured these ladies may not know me well enough for that. ::snort::

Trish had sent me the "insides" for 3 of the journals she makes. Thanks Trish.

The afternoon was fun...though I was a tad bit spacey. I loved that I didn't have to do anything except show up at 1:40. Here are some glimpses:

Vera & Debbie did all the set up. Everything was so pretty. Vera invited us into her lovely home.


Yolanda, made the elegant flower arrangements....and we all brought finger foods to add to the scones, crackers, cookies and drinks that Vera and Debbie had provided.



I'm not sure if you'll be able to see this little lady. I knew she would be the perfect hostess gift for Vera. She says "ready for love" and we talked about being ready to receive and give love to our Bridegroom. My children thought it was inappropriate for Miss Vera....but she seemed to love it.


I loved how God worked out the Tryst Journal doorprizes. Laura (nearly 20), Yolanda (30's?), and Evelyn (older than 30) all won.....isn't that great? Trish, all liked them. And there I am on the right in my new dress...I look rather matronly with my hair up and all. I was surprised how many didn't recognize me. I really need to get out of jean jumpers and capris more often. ::snort::




Cynthia said...

LOVE the pages! I really like how they give an additional "feel" or ambiance to the blog entry.

If you want you can email those pages to all of the people who attended.. but that's when you'd find that they were uploaded to your online smilebox account which wouldn't even be a problem if there wasn't any identifying info you wouldn't want out there. But, even at that, no one can see them but you...

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I can also email them as jpg from my hard it's simple really to keep them off line.

I sent the first one to Vera and Debbie.

I AM going to have to make them simpler as the first response is about the doo dads and not the photos...but Mike agreed that Arielle's birthday and PWOC tea should be frilly. LOL

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and everyone looks like it was a great and fun time.

:)Did you tell them about a Christmas themed wedding in Feb? :)

l/p MOM

Trish said...

De' ~ what a lovely tea! I love your new dress, by the way. :) I'm glad the ladies liked the journal "guts." :0


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes, Mom - I TOLD THEM! ::snort::

It was a blast Trish - and thanks again.