Saturday, May 31, 2008

Photobucket Saturday Summary

The day began early as I prayed through what I would say at our PWOC Tea.

Our United co-op order is coming up. I sent out emails about that, set up the order form at google docs, sent the link to everyone, fielded questions from several new members and then....

Jamin wanted to drive to work. He's driving with a permit and will soon have a license. I jumped in the shower so that I wouldn't be caught in pjs at the mall.

I decided to run into the mall and find a couple of springy dresses that would fit me in my fluffy stage. ::snort:: I also bought gift bags for door prizes at the tea.

Standing in Halmark I realized I was shaking, my head was light, my muscles were rubbery, and I was sinking. Hmmm. I hadn't eaten and it was 11:30 a.m. I suppose I need to face the fact that metabolism is not the only reason I need to remember to eat every few hours. I seem to be having wild sugar swings. I came home and Mike stuffed a banana in my mouth. I told him I'm going to find a medic bracelet to wear that says, "If I seem spacey - FEED ME CHOCOLATE - QUICK!" ::snort::

I ate a banana. I prepared door prizes and a hostess gift. I made a fruit tray. I loaded things up and left for the tea.

I'll do a seperate post on the tea.

The littles and I went to price above the ground pools. It's HOT around here and only getting hotter. We also checked for a local spot that can print 12 x 12 prints for luck so far.

I shopped online for spots to print out 12x12 digital pages. I've checked 9 spots and have lots of factors to compare now.

Mike got home and fixed my mouse so that I could work on some digital pages. BEFORE I began that we went out for a powerwalk. He has longer legs than I - that isn't very fair. ::snort:: I haven't made it to the gym for 4 days so I knew something drastic like this would be coming my way. It was fun to huff, puff, talk, and get a workout in. It was more of a workout for me than him.

I made 10 pages in an hour while we waited for the call to come to pick up Jamin at work. That's 24 pages since 4 p.m. yesterday!



Cynthia said...

YOU GO GIRL! Aren't you glad I called (LOL)..... I TOLD you it was *FAST*!

Anonymous said...


For sure you are my daughter... CHOCOLATE!! :):)


Laura said...

You know, I have been having that shaky thing happen more often. I had my blood sugar checked and I am "semi-high" but not in any scary category.... whatever that means. But, it really has caught my attention that I seem to be having issues lately. What do you do?

Kristine said...

I do this too. I manage to get my coffee, read the paper, check email, get dressed, get everyone else out the door on time, and then at some point later, realized *I* forgot to eat. (Perhaps my morning priorities are a little skewed?)