Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photobucket It Feels Like Friday!

A very normal day around here. Gym, school, laundry, co-op ordering....did I say school? We are zipping now. We finished a whole week of TOG today - of course we are saving the hand's on things until we are done with "school". LOL Workbooks for next year arrived yesterday. Arielle and Nolan began them today. Maybe we are doing next year this year....

The highlight of the day was Stacia, Nolan and I going out to the Rec Camp to pick up Mike.



He promptly hibernated at the base library.

Everyone was home tonight! We ate dinner. Mike went to finish studying. Arielle and Nolan played Settlers of Catan. Josiah, Jamin and Jared headed to the gym and found some other men to play basketball against. I swam with Stacia and Zander.

The young ones are in bed. The older ones are back from the gym and settling in. Mike is nearly done with studying and will take another ACSC test tomorrow.

Cindy emailed that my page prints from Costco are done. I wanted one page of 3 as glossy and one page of 3 as matte so I could see which I like best. They did them all one or the other...and so they did the other print again. I'll be able to see the SAME photos in both finishes. I'm excited to see them. Friday night is our PWOC project night....I need to decide which photos I'm going to work or traditonal. I don't think I can get a wifi on base...haven't been able to so far. Security being what it is. ::snort::


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Cynthia said...

I will mail them first thing tomorrow!