Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photobucket The Last Two Days

I didn't blog yesterday.

I haven't been to the gym the past two days - but I did swim yesterday. If you know me that tells you that the past two days have not gone according to schedule and yet I'm still making time to play with the littles. ::snort:: That says it all. I honestly can't remember what I did yesterday.

We are learning lots of great things about the Romans and will shortly study their fall: the last topic of our year. Have I mentioned lately what a good fit TOG has been for us?

Highlights of today:

Chad and Sherri offered Josiah a good deal on a couple of items and a free deal on others. I've been texting Cy and he now owns a bed, some pans, a fan, a bookshelf and some sheets. The kids and I drove across town to pick up.

Krista has called a few times with organizations she wants our opinion on. Exciting days for her. If you've heard of Sons of Salvation, Operation Mobilisation (their ships specifically), or Mercy Ships feel free to email or leave a comment. If you have FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE we'd really love to hear from you. We ARE aware of Mercy Ship's ministry from our time in the Philippines. They are doing all sorts of things in Monrovia, Liberia. Mom & Dad, go check out their blog here and see clips of Liberia. Krista's plan is to resign her staff position with Master's Commission in August and find a job to work and earn her mission's support. She really HATES to ask for money...but it sure appears to me that she's going to have to raise funds if she plans to go overseas for a year or two....God will supply. It's a huge step of faith for her without a "home church" behind her....I mean WE are behind her but she's not lived at the same church forever and ever......and the chapel doesn't seem to really support missions near as I can remember....seriously WHOSE mission flavor would you support I guess.

My digital prints from Costco arrived. I can see a few things I'll change but I really like the way they look. *I* like the colors and frills. I called a local store. She STILL doesn't have her printer ready but promises she will by Monday. ::snort:: She thinks her price will be $3.49....Costco is $1.67 (3 prints from a 12x36 print) but no shipping locally and instant gratification. She told me that emailing my prints to Cindy lessens the print quality.... I still won't have photos for an "accurate" comparison as the ones here won't be emailed. ::snort:: I thought it was nice of her to point that out. I LOVE the way these prints are nice and big....and if at some later time in my life....say when Stacia is in Jr high or high school.....I have lots of time to do more scrapping and don't like my naked albums or my digital albums....I can cut the photos out of these digital layouts and scrap them manually. ::snort:: At least they are OFF MY COMPUTER and in an albums for the family to enjoy. Thanks again all who nudged me to try digiscrapping.

I do NOT know what we've been doing but we have been exhaustingly busy. ::snort:: Mike is working late tonight so I'll get the kids in bed shortly and try to read or something relaxing. LOL



Cynthia said...

SO GLAD you were able to get in on the free smilebox subscription! YEA! I had ben meaning to tell a few of you that before all the free ones were taken.

Smilebox, for me, is sort of like how I entered the digital world in the first place... just a toe at a time (LOL)... then a foot, a leg, and finally jumped in.... doing both film and digital for so long, etc. until I came to trust the digital and figured out how to unload from the camera to computer, print them, etc.

Smilebox for me is just like that... a way to gradually enter the field of digiscrapping without jumping all the way in just yet!

Romany said...

Not sure if this counts as first hand or not. I've been *on* an OM ship, in port, which was being refitted here in the UK. I think it was the Logos 11, but can't quite remember the name.

One of my book customers was about to set sail with it, as the homeschool teacher for the staff children sailing on her. I donated a bunch of children's books for the library.

I loved the people I met. I had a very good feeling about the whole organisation and I'm hoping that Jack might do some work with them when he hits 17/18 as OM has an excellent reputation with missionary families I know here.

Don't know if that helps or not as I haven't actually sailed on the ship.LOL!

Stephanie said...

It sounds like exciting times around your brood! I have no knowledge or experience with the organizations you mentioned but I with you luck (and send you prayers) while you/she investigates the options. Believe it or not, but my mom (a nurse and teacher) has talked for years about spending some time on a missions ship. I think it would be wonderful even if I would miss her terribly!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...
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DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks, Dorothy. It most certainly counts. You have first hand knowledge in that you've heard from folks about them. I just have internet knowledge. ::snort::

Krista is just back from Trinidad. The LogosHope was in dock. The funny thing is that some young man who was on the ship was going to be staying in the host home she was in. Their stay overlapped by one day. He gave her a brochure. She is unpacked and read it and is very intriqued.

I know Mercy Ships did a lot of good in the Philippines years ago and are still active around the world.....

It's always nice to hear of folks who KNOW folks or KNOW the group....that's how we heard of Master's Commission all those years and years ago when Chris was hosting MC students in her home. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sis & Krista:

PTL! Yes, Mercy Ships are good. We got time to visit with young people from their ships and never once did any of them complain about anything at all.

WOW, would we ever like to be a little mouse to hide away in her suitcases if she gets to go to Monrovia, Liberia.

Not surprised at K's desire to do mission work... it's in her blood. Needless to say, but, we have been praying for her that she will hear the voice of God and make the best choice for her in relation to God's will.

She will get enough funds. Her present church is good with missions and I bet they will be of some help. Single ladies generally have an easier time raising money than families etc. That has always surprised us but it seems to be true in most cases. K' don't be afraid to send mail to those you know sharing with them your burden and plan etc. You will be surprised just where the Lord will open doors for financial help. You have made a ton of friends and have tons of people who know you from all the different places you have lived. PTL!

Goodness, we need to strike it rich so we can visit your kids in all the different places they will end up as they follow God's direction. :) Absolutely no better place to be when one is doing "God's Will"

Neat that Josiah is able to get some things free and for just a little money.

Nadia is now back with her parents and everything went good yesterday. Who knows, may her father will come to the Lord due to Nadia's last few years and her accepting Christ! Praying that will be so.

More preparation for lawn and garden today.

l/p Mom/G'Ma

Edgar said...

Hi, I just saw this blog post and I actually served for 2 years on the Doulos, one of OM's ships and this experience has changed me.

Traveling the world with an international group of people who want to share the Gospel wherever they go. A crew with 40-50 nationalities represented, visiting countries and working alongside with the local believers is an amazing opportunity.

I can go on and on, check out this video on YouTube about the Doulos


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks Mom and Edgar for your comments. I'm forwarding yours along with Dorothy's to Krista.

Thanks for the you tube Edgar. It brought tears to my eyes....and I can so see Krista doing this.

I think God is clearing up the vision for our sweet daughter. Thank god for email.

Jodi said...

Wow, Krista's plans sound like they are becoming clear to her and quite exciting!

Great news about Cy getting some furnishings for free or cheap. Is he still in New England area? Maybe we could bring him a gerbil or tadpole to make his new home less empty. VBG