Thursday, June 26, 2008

Photobucket Roman Studies

We are completely enjoying our last unit of the year - Ancient Rome. Wow. The Bible has come alive as we study various Emperorers and cities and then find them in the Bible. Different aspects of the Bible "pop" as we understand the Ancient Culture....things like the purpose of walls or the Greek "sling shot" divisions in war. Interesting stuff. We found the link in Ancient Rome, one of our TOG books (link in sidebar). We've enjoyed several of the books in this series over the years.

Today the youngers and I viewed this slide show of Pompeii from a Christian perspective...and now....No offense to you dear Dorothy, but the children have decided we need our next assignment to be to Italy.

Seriously, we believe that God moves us to the locations that will be BEST for HIS KINGDOM work, our FAMILY, and those FAMILIES and TROOPS with which we will come in contact. It's easy to begin to think the assignment officer's wield this power, but ultimately we KNOW the divine assignment officer. We are praying our next assignment will be the above things and is above all HIS WILL but hopefully will be either 1. Closer to the Girls and our Parents, 2. Overseas (not real picky - we'd like Europe), 3. New part of America we've not been (East of TX/MT lot of area there) or 4. back to Alaska. According to the plan we have one more year here in TX.....and we should begin to hear rumors of where our next home will be in the winter of 09. LOL We've begun praying in earnest now.



Stephanie said...

You know, Wright-Patt is only 45 minutes from here. And they have great field trips. lol

Nah, I'd vote for Italy, too. :)

Romany said...

I wouldn't mind an assignment in Italy myself!{g}

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Italy would be great.....OH would be fine too! It's NEW.

Cynthia said...

Though I could never handle moving as much as you do, I would sure enjoy getting to see all the places you've seen!! Visiting a place is so much different than LIVING in a place for awhile where you can really get to know the place.