Thursday, June 26, 2008

Photobucket Thursday - I'm CAUGHT Up!!!

Cy bought "church chairs" for his apartment. He's rescuing an antique table from me that I rescued from friends when they moved from here to attend Seminary. It has no chairs.

After looking all over town - he found two. Evidently the "church look" bothered him. He went to walmart bought vinyl, green fabric and silver spray paint. He fixed them. The plan is to keep his eyes open for two more church chairs that he can make match.


Since he exhibits this sort of ingenuity I'm sure he'll figure out how to cook nutritious meals in time. ::snort::



Unknown said...

How creative! I love to find little things I can "recreate".. and even better if I can repurpose something! :)

Hopefully his idea of nutritious meals is not what mine was when I was first on my own. Instant ramen noodles and instant potatoes. Anything that only asked me to "just add water". :)

Anonymous said...


Way to go! Now you won't have to be teased by friends by having floral chairs. :):):) Good idea! Food... at least you have a job when strinking out on your own. I came to Eugene with little money ($30) and no job. Had a place to stay at the dorm but NO FOOD! I was so hungry I was tempted to pick up candy little kids threw away... but didn't. :) First job after 3 weeks was in a convalesant home..... The patients would not eat much at night so another kid in my situation and I were happy to clean up in the kitchen so we could eat at least once a day. I was sure glad when school started. However before school started G'Pa asked me out several times to eat. Nice Guy!

love/prayers G'Ma T

Stephanie said...

Wow! Great find and great idea! It's such a handy skill to know, especially when you are heading out on your own.

My roommate and I had a cow print couch in our first apartment. lol We had a horrid looking couch from a garage sale, and Walmart had their cow print fabric on clearance at a price we could afford. (Gee.. I wonder why!) I loved it. :)

Janette said...

My son has become the best cook of us all. We established a recipe trade between our family and the boys are all going for it. You might try small things first- and you might be surprised what follows:>)
Congrats on the creativity. We find thrift stores to be the best bargains for our young adults' new places.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I love the cow print couch. LOL

Jamin (17 yo) is a great cook. The girls (21, 23) are great cooks. Josiah (19) just didn't have to learn....until now. I supsect ramin and spaghetti for a bit of time. LOL And OF COURSE care packages from Mom.

At least he works at Chick Fil A. LOL

Cynthia said...

The chairs look great.

KarenW said...

Great looking chairs! As far as cooking goes, there's always canned soup or frozen dinners . . . : )