Thursday, June 05, 2008

Photobucket Some Pool Shots from the Day....

I finished 3 pages for the scrapbook from yesterday and today - all pool shots. ::snort::

The first page talks about Stacia's experience at the end of last swimming season. I share how yesterday she was very timid in the pool. Today she was still timid but would paddle around the pool, as long as someone was nearby.

Page 2
Page 3 - has 9 photos....they don't show real big on the screen. I keep wondering if they'll be bigger on a 12x12 page. I really need to print some of these pages out. I do have two more local leads for are a few of my favorite photos from the third page:

I'm so thankful for Mike's allowing me to stay home and have time to PLAY with the children while they are young. It truly is a precious time of their life...and I cringe when I think of how I wished it away as a much younger mom. ::sigh:: I play more these days.

Nolan and Zander with their new swim noodles....
It didn't take long for them to discover that you can shoot water at each other with them....I made them shoot out the back for the photo.
A man has his priorities!

Now, I must decide if I want to read or do a couple of traditional naked album pages....hmmm....tough call....not sure.....I do have to get up early and make it to the gym before produce......hmmm.....



Mama Teaching 3 said...

Nothing is a perfect and sweet as this time with our babies. We should all allow this season of our lives to unfold...enjoy it. :)

I loved the photos of the kids in the pool! Tell them to stay cool!

Debbie said...

Wonderful pictures. I am so glad that Stacia is feeling more confident in the water again. I'm sure it was quite a scare.

I am really struggling with the "wishing away" part right now. Thank you for reminding me of how fast the time does go by.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Total stranger (and former lifeguard) - who is very encouraged by your blog :0) - dropping in.

This is not one if the Big Things in life, but I have a small suggestion about your cute little Stacia and the pool:

The kind of life-jacket she is wearing is designed to rotate a person and float them on their back (face up in the air) in the event that they are unconscious or unable to turn themselves.

It is REALLY FRUSTRATING for little kids to swim in these, because the life jackets want to roll them on their backs all the time, and this frightens a lot of kids.

If you can beg/borrow/buy a vest-type life jacket, she might be more comfortable in the water... plus more comfortable in general.

Just a thought.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Julie - THANK YOU! We have these for our canoes.... but I was thinking that a different kind would be worth a try - I just couldn't think of a reason WHY I should buy one when we have 11 life vests've given me the reason. This pool thing is draining the budget but it is a lot of fun. LOL

Jodi said...

Woo Hoo you got a pool. You NEED it in the heat you all have been having.

Tristan had a swimsuit bathing suit one year. An all over jumpsuit type of thing with floatation studd all arout the chest tummy back area. I don't think it stayed in very good condition after two summers or I'd send it to you to try.

The swim vests aren't too pricey anyway and those are quite good too. Tristan used them for a couple summers as well. He is my only one who wasn't born swimming it seems!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hi D'Etta,

On the one hand, I hated to suggest buying/acquiring more Stuff... but hope it works for you and Stacia. (Those jackets are great for the canoe though. What if someone tips the canoe and gets clonked on the head?!)

I'm so jealous of your pool and warm days. :0) We are waiting (and waiting and waiting) for summer. Mornings have been in the 40's here! Well, no water shortage at least.

Have fun in the sun for us...


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL Julie.

Linda said...

I see you have some Annie's Cheddar Bunnies lovers, too!

Cynthia said...

Each of the pictures on the page with 9 photos is about 3 3/4 x 3 3/4... roughly.. just a hair under that. That page with 9 photos is one of my FAVORITES! I've used it at least 1/2 a dozen times now. If you look at my blog under the entry with Em's smilebox b-day pages you'll see one of the 9 pic pages.. you can't really tell that it was a 9 pic page because it didn't look like a page on the screen, but it is and that will give you a little idea...

I also really like the 3 pic with the journal box that you used.. THat's another favorite of mine and I also like to use it as a 2 pic page with a BIG journal area...

Did you see their new graduation 2 page thing? I'm going to use that for our dd's graduation last year and couple it with pages from the formal album to give me enough pages to cover her graduation because that album has a nice black swirly background that I think will go nicely with their 2 graduation pages.