Sunday, June 29, 2008

Photobucket Sundays....

The day began with a disappointment for Jared. His flight with CAP was cancelled due to storms.
This young man didn't let a storm or a skunk interfere with his planned early a.m. run. Now THAT'S dedication. ::snort::

Mike and Josiah went out in search of a local church this a.m. Josiah will be trying to find a church to call "home" here in town. This makes sense. Nostalgia at knowing this was one of the last times I'd have him sitting in our family pew caused me to click this. ::snort:: They LOVE ME! I was in the cry room - no one even knows I took the photo....and he will be back for things like Christmas and such I'm sure.....when the girls will be home too. Yippee!!

The rest of us planned Josiah's favorite meal while they were at church. I made Chicken Divan, Salad, steamed beans, and a big platter of cantaloupe. We enjoyed being together at the table. We KNOW Josiah will be back around the table again...but it was sweet to take a moment and realize that this is probably the last family meal he will join us for as a DEPENDENT!

Mike went up to the base. He needed to spend more time studying for another ACSC test. We've really not seen him much at all in the past 3 weeks. He takes another test in the a.m. Prayers are welcome. This test will be 4 of 6.....and they did grant him an extension. His goal is to finish it by the end of July. I pray.

Josiah and Jamin caught a movie.

The rest of kids enjoyed the pool.

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I paid bills. I also took more photos out of magnetic albums. I'm getting sick of looking at them. I think its time to do a few digital layouts. ::snort::
We headed to chapel. Jamin drove and is getting quite good at handling the van. HE didn't back into any utility trucks. ::snort::
I got to talk with BreAnne and Krista! Have any of you had 11 yo's fly alone? The girls would like Arielle to fly out and drive back to CO with them.
Sunday means ice cream.
I have been thinking and praying a lot about all the changes coming to Josiah in the next week. I wanted to buy him something to commemorate the symbolize the changes.
I found the perfect gift. I got him a selection of socks and underwear...that will never need to be marked with tally marks, or rescued from his brother's laundry pile. ::snort::
Mike and the three older young men went to play basketball at a local school. The youngers played Settlers of Catan and are now in bed. Laughter is coming from the young men's room. Mike is working away on some more studies.
I'm going to call it a day. I believe.


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Michelle said...

So many changes, De'Etta! I like your gift for Josiah. :)

I've never had a child fly but I flew without my parents when I was 10. A flight attendant walked me to my connection and stayed with me until I was on the plane.

Anonymous said...

Sis: Praying Josiah finds the perfect church for him AND very sure he will! At least Jamin was not HOT on his run yesterday!

Boy do we ever remember how MUCH Josiah has always LOVED cantaloupe. What vision's of a tiny boy eating till one wondered how he could get one more bite of Cant. in his mouth!

These are bitter/sweet monents and for sure your experiences do conger up memories.

Don't worry about her safty flying as a minor........ the airlines are very sure to have someone with her all the way and/or having her sitting where they can see her. She'll be fine and what a neat experience for her to fly to Spokane and then GET to drive back home to Texas with her two big sisters. WOW!

I am sure it will be a lot safer than it was for Nathaniel as a younger kid and all the other missionary kids who flew home to their parents from Manila. We can just imagine the other people's reactions when you/Will were flying home to Bislig early in your school experience and the plane did not want to leave Cebu and even circled Bislig with you crying cause you wanted to land at home etc. :) :(:(:(

love/prayers Mom T

Anonymous said...

HI: Praying for MIKE and his studies and tests! Praying Josiah finds the perfect church which we KNOW he will!

How neat for Arielle to fly to the girls and then get to drive all the way back to Texas with them. She will be well protected by the Airlines. They do a pretty good job of keeping minors where they can see them etc.

A lot better than what you kids and Nathaniel as being very young had when flying home from Manila on school vacations. Never will forget one of the first times you/Will flew down to Bislig, circled the airport, plane wanting to return to Cebu and your reported crying which caused whatever it is you wanted. Can't remember it all in detail anymore but know you saved the day most likely. I think the airports were overwhelmed when all the missionary kids headed into the provinces in mass. :):):(

Boy do we ever remember how much Josiah loved cantaloupe. I always wondered how such a little guy could eat so much at one time. :)

love/prayers Mom T

US said...

Well, as much as I don't like it (mainly the reason), Kyla flies alone and she's 9. She has made 2.5 round trip flights (she's in TX right now, and will be flying back with her brother). There are extra fees for flying minors and someone specific must be there to sign for them.

Unknown said...

Completely off topic! Thank you for your post on Heart of the Matter. Got me right here *puts hand to heart*

Great lookin' family!

Debbie said...

Wow, De'Etta, so many changes. I am watching with interest all the nuances of Cy heading out on his own, such a mature young man and your family is handing it all so graciously.

We have not had a youngster fly alone, but my brother's nephew has been flying alone from WA to MA since he was quite young with no problems.

Anonymous said...

Sis: YIKES!! Sorry for the two posts about the same thing. According to my computer neither one of them went thru to you. Whatever!!

l/p Mom \T

Cynthia said...

ACK! Flying alone? I'm not sure I would let our ds fly alone and he has flown many times. I guess for me it would depend on whether or not there are any direct flights or at least PLENTY of layover time that there would be no possible way to miss a connecting flight... or at a bare minimum a contact person in the connecting flight location just in case. Some friends of ours let their 2 boys fly from here to Arizona. On the way back, they found themselves on the wrong airplane despite having the airline person supposedly assigning someone to watch over them and despite having their boarding pass checked at the gate check in, by the stewardess as they entered the plane and I thought she said three times.. so one more time along the way? Anyway.. the boys figured out they were on the wrong plane after they started to taxi off and the stewardess said welcome aboard flight xyz to whoknowswhere and it was the WRONG TOWN! They had to pull the plane back and let them off.. of course, by then they missed their flight... but the aunt had stayed just in case..

I think I would consider it if I didn't have to worry about a connection. I'm not sure I would trust any airline personnel to get them to the right place on time.. It would sure be GREAT for Arielle to get to have that adventure with the girls!

Cynthia said...

Hoping he finds just the right church home! I hadn't thought about that. Fortunately, when our dd moved out we were still able to stay in the same church together. GREAT gift idea!