Sunday, June 29, 2008

Photobucket Krista's Package

Krista sent us a package from Trinidad. We have been watching all week for a time when ALL of us would be home to open it. That happened tonight after chapel.

Zander said he hoped it had what he wanted most in the world. Oh -oh. I said, "What are you hoping for Zander?" He replied, "A picture of Krista." Ah. Krista will be sending me some photos of her trip post haste. LOL

Jared claims first listening rights to the audio recording of GA Henty's "Cat of Bubastes".
This little man now has a place of honor on the entertainment center. Krista sent us a nice long letter telling us the significance of each thing.
We got some Trindiadian Oreos called Recreos....and some Caribean flavoring that I'll have to play with...and tar from the tar and sea shells...and a key rack.

Best of all was knowing that she thought of us while she was overseas. Thank you Ko-Ko - we love you!


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Anonymous said...


How fun to get a special package from Krista! She must be related to Dad/I when it comes to trying to get special things for loved ones when away etc.

Were the Recreos as good as ours?

Krista, way to go!!

Love/prayers Mom/G'Ma T