Monday, July 07, 2008

Photobucket Monday!

I should do a "Mom's of Many Workout Challenge" update. It's depressing. Holidays, busy days and I've simply not made it 5 days a week to the gym. I fly out Thursday and so there is NO WAY I will get 5 days this week. It's tempting to do NONE since I can't do 3 - 5.

Mike spent the day at the office. It's a "command family day" but he's still pushing on ACSC. BY THE WAY - did I mention that he took test 5 last week and scored 90%? !!!!! We're very happy that he has two more tests left. He hopes to take another this week and finish it off before we leave for leave in a month.

The older kids were driving home from Houston.

The younger ones played.

I worked on our United Group Order. I also answered a few questions and fielded calls for the Produce co-op.

I made Gram's no-fail Hawaiin Chicken. Honest, this never fails. I 9x'd the recipe so I could freeze some. I knew everyone would be home for dinner. It was TERRIBLE. I tasted it BEFORE it simmered and it was great. I haven't a clue what happened but I now have a HUGE stock pot of dog chow. Grrrrr. ::snort::

The hinge to the futon we gave Josiah arrived today.

Mike made a stop by the hospital and was able to help a gentlemen accept Jesus as savior. He was late for dinner...we didn't care.

The approval is all in. I spent a big chunk of the day working on setting up a local PWOC blog. Blogger is not doing quite what I want it to do; but I thought I could get skeleton info up and then continue working on pages and such. I can't get the fonts to change colors for me in the header. I also have a great youtube clip explaining what PWOC is and it won't load to the sidebar....WHY????

We all had dinner together (Mike arrived at the tail end and was warned to nuke a leftover steak from the 4th ::snort::). Mike and I went over to Josiah's apartment and helped install the hinge to the futon.

I miss Cy....but I'm excited to watch him launch into adulthood. He's surprised at HOW QUIET it is at his apartment. We can fix that....we'll send Stacia and Zander over tomorrow. muhahahaha


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I bet it IS quiet over there.....