Tuesday, July 08, 2008

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Time to switch gears and remember that I write my blog as a family ministry....my head has been in PWOC land all day. I've spent the day creating a local blog....yippee! I was so glad to get approval. I think it's coming together nicely...though I have more ideas, photos and such to add. At this point I'm stuck deciding which post divider I like. If you care to drop by and vote on the top right hand side it would be great. LOL The board will be popping in to to see what they think. I wonder if I'll have more time to work on it tomorrow?

Today I spent a huge amount of time workig on the PWOC blog.

I also finalized our United food order.

I tried to finalize the produce co-op order - but I haven't finished yet. Maybe still.

I talked with Krista on the phone.

JAMIN finished his second book. He plans to edit this and submit it to a contest that promises to publish the winner's book. He finished a month ahead of his self-imposed schedule.

Jared found a mowing job - they paid well and he earned it. It rained off and on all day; three times while he was mowing.

You can't tell what this nearly 3 yo girl is doing...but she is walking...backwards...her favorite way to walk around the block.


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Debbie said...

Oh my, I can believe little Miss Stacia is going to be three...when did that happen?!

I like your PWOC site...looking good.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! wait a minute. I checked out the other blog you linked us to, and the song on there is from a girl that sings on the worship team in my church! "The more I find you." I don't know where ya'll are from (blogger wisdom) but I have a feeling we might be close! Cool!! I LOVE that song! (I suppose others might sing it as well, but it's neat to hear a local sound!!)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Renee - really? It's the "song" for PWOC for 2008/09 - Kari Jobe...I think I found the right one....if not...I LOVE It and it seems to fit the theme of sitting at the redeemer's feet well. LOL If I got it wrong maybe another PWOCer will let me know. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Debbie - it is amazing, isn't it? THREE......in a few weeks - 16 August.

Anonymous said...


How cute... anyway she just wants to see where she has been and see what is behind her..... :)

l/p Mom T

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey there -- that song (my most favorite new song!!) is from Christ for the Nations in Dallas. Isn't it the BEST!! You can find the video on YouTube, too, or order it through CFTN. Truly, truly intimate with our most glorious God!!


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Renee - there you have it. If you are from that church and the locale - we are "neighbors". In fact - sing song chant "I'M GOING TO DALLAS FOR FALL FOCUS IN NOVEMBER!!!"

Can you tell I'm excited. I missed the last one as I had just had Stacia and was nursing...but I'm going this time.....and there's a reason to be glad that I've not had a new baby. ::snort::

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Guys- I don't know who ole Bernard is with the pharmacy link...but I wouldn't click it if I were you...deleting him and trying to figure out how to keep him from sending any more links.....If you need to enhance any body parts - see your doc don't click links in my comment section. ::snort::

Janette said...

I like the PWOC link. I wish I had known you were at Goodfellow- I would have stopped by when my dd was there and we visitied!
Do you know of anyone in the Fort Meade area she is having a tough go of it being a stay at home mom finding a place to lay her hat:>)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Janette - I don't know anyone personally in the FT Meade area - but I bet we can find a PWOC point of contact. Will that help? If you go to pwoconline.org and click "locator" then search for the post she is at....there "should" be someone - if not - leave another comment and I'll put out some emails to the regional president to see if we can find a contact person.