Sunday, July 27, 2008


We went to the early service today.

We had a PWOC board meeting immediately after the service. I had promised 10 - 15 minutes and I think we kept it right at 15 min. AND we accomplished our business.

We had lunch, sorted through Bible Study material I had been promising Cheryl I would look through, ran to the commissary and came home.

I spent the entire afternoon with a laptop, a spreadsheet and my bookshelves. Lis sent me a spreadsheet with all of TOG year 2 books on it. I have been going through the shelves here and pulling the titles I have that are on the list (marking them purple), marking the ones I think I'll pass on gray.... I created a sheet of spine books and another sheet with unit 1 books....and I learned to sort all sorts of I think I need to learn how to link the sheets (of course THAT is where I'll make tons of errors) so that if I color one purple on the main list it colors it purple on the other lists.....hmmmm...the problem would be if they are all sorted by different perimeters then they wouldn't all be on the same line number so the coloring would be off. ARGH.

I have so many books here that it is hard to believe I need to buy so many more just to do the "basic" history, spine and lit.....

I continue to work on the terminal to do list and to wonder where my summer has gone!

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Cynthia said...

Terminal todo list... hmmm... would that indicate that it will eventually come to an end? My todo list will never end (LOL).