Saturday, July 26, 2008


I know, I know...I've blogged today...but not a REAL newsy family type blog.

Today was a busy, yet great day. It began early after Friday night ended LATE. ::snort:: Last night was a PWOC event where we attempted to make cookbooks for farewell gifts. Yikes. I had no clue how LONG this project would take. We DID finish 3 of them.....not sure how we'll get the others finished.

When I got home Jared reminded me of his early a.m. O flight with CAP. He also said that the other Cadet needed a ride. THEN Mike called. I miss him. I know it's only beeen a few days but I'll be happy to see him on Monday.

I didn't mind the early a.m. I used the time during their flight to make it to the gym.

We played a bit. I worked a bit.

I'm still whittling down the terminal to do list. Tomorrow is a PWOC board meeting so I did some paperwork for that...must kill a tree for each military meeting. ::snort::

I ran Jamin to work.

I got home and was about to jump in the shower when Bre called. Ah - 3 hours of nice long communing. She told me it's 12 days until we meet. YES. Stacia still insists that if Krista is Zander's lover then Bre is hers. She talked and talked with Bre. She also sang to Bre and then said, "Bre do you want to sing to me?" Bre sang, "you are my sunshine". Stacia got the strangest look on her face. *I* sing that song to all my babies. I could tell she was surprised to hear "mom's" song coming from Bre.....and I choked up remembering singing it to Bre 23 years ago...and Bre singing it to Arielle, Nolan and Zander. LOL That's really what I did most the day - connected with Bre. And it was GOOD! Krista is in Seattle right now. I'll have to try to reach her tomorrow....

Josiah dropped by with a friend, Steve, to pick up Jared.

I attempted a phone conversation with Deja twice today - cut off both times. Honestly - I stink on the phone. I try but I do. I have it on my TO DO list to listen to the messages - the phones are blinking at me and have been for well over a week or so.

I picked up Jamin from work. I read blogs...and now it is LATE....after midnight and time to post this.

©2008 D.R.G.


Jodi said...

Your littles relationships with your oldest children is so cute!

Cynthia said...

Glad you had so much time to connect with Bre. Who needs a shower when a dd wants/needs to visit! All the kids here know that if I'm in the shower tell people I'll call them back UNLESS it's Bee and then I'll hop out to take a call from her!