Thursday, August 14, 2008

PhotobucketDay 10 – Last Days ~ Heavenly Hugs

Today is a Last Day. I dislike Last Days. They are filled with far too many expectations. I try hard to relax and go with the day….enjoy being together and not put too much pressure on the day being “perfect”. I don’t always succeed.

Today is the last day before the girls head back to WA and we finish the remainder of our vacation with the six children who still live in our home on a daily basis. You KNOW the older 3 live in our HEARTS constantly.

I found it hard to sleep last night (as verified by late night posts with PHOTOS). ::snort::

Early this a.m. I headed to my “chair” outside the trailer for my tryst with a Father who is sure to understand. I asked for stability in my emotions. I prayed for simply knowing in a real way that He’s watching, that He understands, and that He loves me today. OF COURSE, I KNOW all this….but I suppose I wanted a Heavenly Hug to carry through the day.

I heard a humming sound. I opened my eyes and there hovering RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!!!! was a Humming Bird. I’ve been enjoying the antics of these little birds all vacation and never dreamed I’d get such a wonderful close up view….I’m counting it as a Heavenly Hug from a Father who knew I needed a bit of unexpected joy in the day. What makes this more amazing is that I had my glasses on as I'd been reading the Word and so I could see DETAILS on the little fellow. ::snort::

I’d love to hear of Heavenly Hugs you’ve known.

PS - I had started a LOT of Pike's Peak photos loading to Photo Bucket before I head for my tryst....Norton decided to update something or other and they are gone. ARGH.

©2008 D.R.G.


Diann said...

I am praying for you as the emotions overflow.

Debbie said...

De'Etta, we call your hummingbird situation our "God gifts". Even when our days seem less than wonderful, Brian and I always look very hard for our God gift of the is often something to do with nature, a special animal or bird siting, a wonderful sunset, but sometimes it is a special hug from a child or a call or email from a friend just when you need it. The little unexpected things that make you smaile or just sigh.

Cynthia said...

Heavnly Hugs - love the expression.