Monday, August 18, 2008

Photobucket Day 12 – Visiting with Family

It stormed again all day.

We drove over to visit Mike’s ½ brother and family. Earl and Mary’s 3 children were there (Crystal, Jenny & Jerome); Crystal’s new husband Samo and her son Dominique, Jenny’s boyfriend John, Jerome’s girlfriend Rachel, and Kathy (Mike’s ½ sister). It was a great day to reconnect with family.

Poor Mary ended up serving us not only lunch, but dinner, as we enjoyed each other well into the evening. The boys played all sorts of capture the flag, tag type games all day. Arielle watched DVDs. The women visited. The men talked. The men then watched a Bronco/Cowboys game. We had a tea party. Stacia enjoyed using a tiny little tea set that Mary had for her girls when they were young. Stacia claimed “Miss Pistol” (Crystal) as her very own and enjoyed lots of time playing with Crystal.

The conclusion of our evening was watching Mark Phelps win his 8th gold medal at the Olympics. I thought it great that it was a team medal. We cheered, piled into the van and came back to the soggy campsite.

I’ve not been able to get connections again all day. Received phone messages and texts that the girls are safely back in WA. We miss them and Josiah. We wonder how long it will be until we are used to counting 6 heads again instead of 9. ::snort::

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Debbie said...

Glad the girls made it back to WA safe and sound.

I have felt totally un-American as we have not watched a stitch of Olympics. I have read the results and was so thrilled the Michael Phelps was going so well.