Monday, August 11, 2008

Photobucket Day 6 – Music Pass ~ Geocaching

The day began with breakfast inspired by Darshia – Cinnamon Rolls. Yum. They were a big hit.

Various nameless children voiced their concern that we NOT do another 12 – 20 mile hike today. Mike had pity on them. He had been talking about an easy 5 mile hike to the top of Music Pass in CO. This is a trail that breaks off from Grape Creek Campground. We had camped here 22 years ago with Mike’s folks when Bre was 1 year old. There is an aspen tree in the grove here with Mike’s initials from 1977.

We headed out with the promise of an “easy” hike. We got to the campground and the roads looked nicer than remembered. We met two couples who are RV park neighbors. Seasoned Citizens…with ATVs. They told us that there were just a couple of rocky spots and they thought our 15 passenger van could make it to the top of the mountain.

Visions of RIDING instead of HIKING motivated the children to encourage Mike to try it. We went ATVin in our Ford 350. ::snort:: Wow! What a ride.

I have some great “me and my Ford” photos. ::snort:: We had to back down as cars came down the hill several times. We totally confused the GPS that was loaned to us and had great fun taking photos to share with its owner when we return to TX. We were finally able to have a picnic in a mountain meadow…and what a view we had!

We spent time enjoying Grape Creek back at the campground. Mike called his parents from the campground. He’d tried from the top of Marble Mtn but the reception wasn’t good.

We ran by the RV park for a bathroom break. The outhouse was padlocked and try as we did Krista and I could not get it unlocked. Yeah, I know.

We hunted down two more geocaches. One was in the old, historic mining town of Rosita. We saw a snake. This did not endear the town to me at ALL. ::snort:: The drive was gorgeous and we never would have been motivated to visit Rosita without a cache to find. We retrieved our second travel bug and will replant it in TX soil in the weeks to come.

The next find was on a rancher’s property. Another gorgeous drive, big mountain meadows, lots of trees. Stacia found this one! She was a bit leery to grab the cache. As we logged the find someone drove by. We quickly formed up for a photo in front of the tree. I thought we were fairly ingenious…the driver thought we were strange tourists. ::snort::

The day was rounded out with dinner at camp, an evening rain shower complete with a DOULBE rainbow (and I’d just read about Noah in my Tryst this a.m.), ice cream treats and doing LAUNDRY….piles of laundry.

It’s been such a JOY to have the family together. I miss the old days of “family”. I’ve cooked more in the 6 days (or at least quantity) wise than I have in the last months. ::snort::

©2008 D.R.G.


Debbie said...

De'Etta, we have also found we do a lot more exploring and hunting out new places now that we geocache. We have found some wonderful spots that I know would have gone unnoticed but for caching.

Sounds like a fun day.

Cynthia said...

Sound like you're having a GREAT time.

Kristine said...

Sounds like a riot! I hope to see pics of this drive soon!