Monday, August 11, 2008

Photobucket Day 5 – Bishop Castle

A fellow camper told the young ones and I about Bishop Castle yesterday.

It was about 25 miles to go see. WOW. Jim Bishop began building his castle when he was 15. He has built it single-handedly. He’s a character. He’s worked on it 39 years now. He is now working on building a wall around the castle. We HOPE he will eventually add some safety features. ::snort::

Basically, he builds the wall and carries on conversations with visitors. His political views are unique. Everyone is allowed to go in free. He has built it “his” way…ignores codes and safety features….I’ll show you photos. I took 116 photos and Mike took 201. ::snort:: You’ll see. I got nauseas and couldn’t get beyond the 2nd story – about 30 feet. Discovery Channel is going to be taping his place the 15th of August. I’ll have to find someone to tape the show for us when it comes out. I’ll be interested in seeing how they handle some of his more eccentric views.

Zander carried on a good conversation with him….until he began to make comments about DNA of various races….then we left.


After the castle we went to find a picnic spot. I was surprised that every spot up here was either a fee $5 to park or private property. We ended up back in Westcliffe (after a 2 hour ride through country roads). We ate at a park and the young ones enjoyed the playground. The girls and I went and stocked up the pantry again.

Back at camp we played monkey in the middle…

Watched real cowboys cull out a calf…

Ate dinner (rice, BBQ meatballs put in the Crockpot this a.m.) and watched the mountain.

©2008 D.R.G.


Debbie said...

De'Etta, so glad you brought along the crock. I have been thinking of hunting at tag sales for one to keep in our camper. It has been so nice to have.

Cynthia said...

Sounds interesting - the castle that is.

Kristine said...

So you ended up back in Westcliffe, but at least you didn't have to back up into Westcliffe, lol.

I'd never heard of that castle and googled it. VERY cool!!!!