Friday, August 15, 2008

Photobucket A Trip Down Memory Lane - Happy Birthday Stacia!

The next contraction began, I pushed, Dr. Adams said "Oh my" as Mike and Rose began to laugh. I asked if I'd done something wrong and was told that I'd delivered a baby girl. One push and Stacia was born....if we do this again it may take a hiccup!

It didn't take long to see that Stacia doesn't have Downs and has a "perfectly, beautiful" heart. She'll have a renal ultrasound in a month to be "completely sure" her kidneys are fine. A highlight of this birth experience is that Krista spent both nights in the hospital with Stacia and I. I was a bit nervous about the cockroaches I saw in the shower....and they do all rooming in and I was a bit tipsy that first night. The second night we just watched chick flicks and ate chocolate. Ah girls night out.

In a real way Stacia's birth motivated the creation of this blog. The girls moved out 2 weeks after Stacia's birth and were sad not to be able to watch her grow. I committed to posting our daily lives so they could watch the youngers mature.

Photos from Stacia's first two weeks are posted here.

Our tradition is a big Birthday Party in the Hospital. Here's photos of Stacia.

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Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Stacia!!!!!!

I remember the worry about downs when you were expecting her and now look at the feisty character. A happy, smart little girl!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday, Stacia!, such a big girl now. I have noticed in recent pictures that she looks so much more grown up. Maybe it is the hair cut, not sure, but she doesn't look like a toddler anymore.

Linda said...

What a wonderful story to share and keep documented....Happy 3rd Birthday, Stacia!

Anonymous said...



Please tell you Mom that G'Pa * G'Ma T enjoyed looking at the foto's of your birthday at the hospital and the surprises you had for your siblings. At that time we could not get the blog to come up for us.

Hope you have a super neat day!!! You sure had a nice pre-birthday gift getting to see Bre and Krista!

We will try hard to phone you today.

love and prayers your 2G's T

all in the family said...

Happy Birthday Stacia! What a blessing you are to your family. We (all of your mom's cyber friends) can all remember when you were born. We were all glued to our computers waiting the news. Have a super day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stacia!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Stacia!! Beth and Debbie are right... what a pretty big girl now, and I remember waiting to hear (and thinking how beautiful her name was!)

De'Etta - We've already started telling tales of Stacia to our daughter that is expecting. They aren't church goers (but say that they are believers), and their doc isn't a Christian. They're doc "had the talk" about testing and potential genetic problems from her husband's side, options if that is the case, etc. We're talking and praying trying to convince them that this baby is a blessing, and if the doc tells them something it doesn't always mean that it is true! Hopefully Stacia's story will make an impression on them!

Diann said...

Happy Birthday, Stacia! It's so hard to think that it was three years ago she was born. How much we've all been through on the loop!