Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Photobucket Besides School?????

Monday - Mom's Night Out. Deja had a panel in to discuss how to live on a budget, or live cheaply....something of the sort. I found it fun and interesting. I loved that the ladies on the panel were not ladies that I've heard a lot from in the past. I'm excited that next month one of our "homeschool warhorses" is going to share how her son started a business at 11 and hired his 8 year old the "teen" years can be far more than we "expect". I think it will be a cool night...but it's a month away.

Tuesday - PWOC. We finished up our study on Kinsman Redeemer. Our growth is holding steady and it's a fun group.

Wednesday - Our field trip (see below). Mike and the kids bought me a MP3 player on Mother's Day.....which I received this week. I'm now trying to figure out how to get music and lectures transferred to it.

That's about it......I'm operating at about 60-75% normal energy level. I think I'll sleep the next afternoon I can snatch and see if that will help. ::snort:: I've begun to wonder if I have mono.
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Cynthia said...

I'm also working on less energy. I'm getting enough (meaning more than usual, but probably still not "enough") rest, etc., so the only thing I can figure now is that I'm just plain OLD and can't do all that I used to do. Not a fun place to be.

Yvonne said...

De'Etta. I've nominated you for the I Love Your Blog award. Come and see over at my new blog.