Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photobucket Friday - Saturday

Friday was typical. Produce co-op and then PWOC project night. It was a fun night. There were only 3 of us, so instead of me bringing dinner in, we simply walked to Subway.

This a.m. was a Chaplain's Spouse breakfast. Fun. We didn't realize we had occupied the table for 2.5 hours. We plan to do this monthly.

I headed to the library after breakfast and worked on lesson plans for our upcoming school week. I also scanned the shelves for books on the voting process. I'm finding that it will be very necessary to narrow our focus. I really don't WANT or NEED to do a study on Presidents...I need to stay focused on the election process, the right and responsiblity to vote, the mechanics of the party system and electoral college. I'm working on a post that lists all the great resources folks have shared, and things I've found.

Bre called while I was in the library. That was funny. I hid in the bathroom and tried to talk until someone was waiting to get in. The library has a new system now that flags you when you have more than 50 books checked out. I was shocked. The lady told me, "you must never have had 50 books out before."

I replied, "I'm a homeschooler. I've had way more books out than this at a time."

The she admitted that the rule has been 50, but they haven't been able to track it until they got this new system. I never knew the rule. I had to put some books back to get my limit to 50.

I felt ill and came home.

I spent the afternoon sleeping. Mike took the kids to a local park. Then he took them to a local school to fly a kite. They came home, bathed, watched an Adventure in Odysesy and are in bed.

That's our rousing weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Sis: Don't you just love those times when you end up with friends spending hrs talking at a resturant! I do. Only problem is the tip. :):):) One place in the Safeway mall near us allows bible type stuff and people to spend time in study and devotions as a group. They just ask that it be after 5pm. They are Springfield Faith Center folks. Delicious snacks and sandwiches etc.

Maybe you can talk to the head librian person to get permission for more books.... especiall if some are not the general run of the mill books checked out... like some never.

Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you had a full day.

l/p Mom T

Herding Grasshoppers said...


50 books... you go girl!

Our library doesn't limit what you have out (or maybe they just haven't tracked it yet), but limits how many you can reserve (I "order" them online). No problem... all my kids have cards, so I put them on their cards. It's for homeschool, and they are the students :0)


Paula said...


Does your library give special borrowing privileges to teachers? Unless you are already using a teachers card I would look into it. I signed up as a homeschool teacher and have the special benefits of no limits on books and extended loan period--5 weeks + renewals. I don't think I've ever had 50 books out, although I'm getting close. I think I have 25 out at one library and maybe 12 at another right now. My husband teases me because I have cards for 5 separate library systems!


berrypatch said...

The city library I used to belong to when we lived south had a limit of 20 "items" which would include videos & audio books. That was rough. I had one card at the time because they were $40 EACH since I didn't live there. OH & I could only have THREE books out on ONE non-fiction subject at a time. Studying the solary system was HARD! Now I have a different library system & I can have 25 out at a time but EVERYONE in my family has a card. ;-)