Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photobucket Thursday

There are new machines at the gym. WHEW - the AMT is good. I really worked but it said I burned less calories. The trainer said that 15 min on it was worth twice that on the normal elliptical.....but I sure didnt' burn the calories I wanted too. These new machines have individual TV if I remember headphones I'll be able to watch something besides CNN.

The kids' piano lessons were cancelled today - but that turned out to be a blessing. Nolan is going to begin them too.

I was SAD that it looks like our excellent homeschool drama class at a local studio isn't going to fly this semester. There's always next semester. Basically, the local homeschool co-op changed their day to the same day as drama and the drama studio didn't know in time to rearrange their schedule to pick a better day. She is so GOOD with the kids. I really am hoping they can take more classes with her before we leave. The owner of the studio works at the gym so we talked about it this a.m. I told her if someone showed up to give me a call and I'd have the kids to the class within 10 minutes. She will. LOL

Here's yet another blanket fort.
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Kelly said...

De'Etta, you have been the posting queen while my power was out. Next week when I am lonely at night, I'll have lots to keep me busy catching up :)

Sunday evening hurricane Ike can through OH. It was only supposed to be very breezy and rain. But before it hit OH, it went through a hot pocket or some such thing, and built up speed. We had winds of 70mph for a few hours. Trees and lines down everywhere! All of OH had damage and our governer declared it a state of emergency. 84 of the 88 counties cancelled school on Monday because of power outages.

It just took them a while to get to us. There were only 34 people on our street without power. Everybody else around us had power. They concentrated on places with bigger outages I think.

We did pretty good without it. Played lots and lots of games. Realized we rely way too much on electronic entertainment! Went to bed very early because everybody was exhausted after being in the dark for a couple hours. By 9 or so everybody was ready for bed. I got to bed at 9:30 most nights. Last night I stayed up way too late with the lights and computer. I am dragging today.

Anyway, there's the long story about why we had no power :::snort:::

Cynthia said...

I've been meaning to ask you about the piano lessons. So glad you've found a teacher! THis is the FIRST year in a very long time that I've not had any students. I just couldn't fit in working with other people's kids this year.