Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Margaret Chase Smith

I don't have lots of bloggy time tonight.....just home from a fun PWOC. Tonight I'll simply answer my question of yesterday. ::snort::

Margaret Chase Smith (December 14, 1897–May 29, 1995) was a Republican Senator from Maine, and one of the most successful politicians in Maine history. She was the first woman to be elected to both the U.S. House and the Senate, and the first woman from Maine to serve in either. She was also the first woman to have her name placed in nomination for the U.S. Presidency at a major party's convention (1964 Republican Convention, won by Barry Goldwater). She was a moderate Republican, included with those called Rockefeller Republicans. When she left office, Smith had the record as the longest-serving female senator in United States history.

Many are telling me this has been on television lately. I wouldn't know. ::snort:: I first discovered this interesting fact while the littles and I explored the election process. Here's a quick homeschool or life tip...visit your local children's library. The non-fiction picture books for youngsters are often quick to read, full of easy to grasp facts and colorful (I like color). ::snort:: The older students and I will often grab a biography or an adult non-fiction to further explore a topic after our attention has been grabbed by a children's book. I enjoyed this book on the right. Click the book cover for more info.
I'd like to read more about Margaret. I found her early life to be fascinating. I am currently looking for Politics of Conscience: A Biography of Margaret Chase Smith....but I don't want to spend $30. I want to find it at our library, unfortunately our library has NO adult biographies on Mrs. Smith...another great reason to check out the youth biographies...they tend to have a wider selection. I guess adults read only romance and westerns??? ::snort::
There you go - a worthwhile and educational post - they aren't all about picking noses and such.

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Anonymous said...

Sis: I remember your G'S talking alot about Margaret Chase Smith during my childhood and on days. Mom admired her EVEN tho she was from the other side. :):):)


mom T

Cynthia said...

Sounds interesting. Can your library find it on interlibrary loan?

berrypatch said...

I literally JUST got the book you have pictured in the mail from the library today. Yes, I use a "mail order" only library since my town doesn't have one. I love it. This book is also written by a Maine author. Another little known fact...Margaret Chase Smith grew up just a couple towns away from where I live. There is even a Margaret Chase Smith Library there which we have not been to YET, but it's on my list of "things to do." Neat that I saw this here today.

Donna said...

I've always been a bit embarrassed that I read from the children's section! lol. Just like you, if I'm starting out learning about a new person or topic I start with a picture book. Now I know I'm in good company.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Try GOOGLE BOOKS -- you can find just about any book you'd like to find for FREE -- including college-type books. Have fun researching! Oh, I think you might have to use a gmail account...

Debbie said...

I had to check and our library system as this book. I'm going to put it on order. Hope you can find a copy soon that doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

Hmmm, I could get it for you, mail it, you could read it, and send it back. I can keep books for 4 weeks and renew once, that should give you enough time!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Ah, Donna, a kindred soul! LOL

Cindy, our library is not great with inter-library loans. I don't know WHY....I could ask for a book in AK and they'd ship it from ID, TX, WA for me in a week....it takes a month or so here.

Mel, I'll try google books.....but one more email address....ARGH. I need to get rid of a few.

I have the children's book - and we enjoyed it - I'd like to read an adult biography on her now.