Friday, September 12, 2008

Photobucket WE DID IT!

Our very first FULL week of school with a FULL week of our activities. Ah, this isn't totally accurate as we will be adding homeschool basketball to the routine in the next few weeks. LOL

We added speech, United co-op, piano lessons, CAP and House of Faith back into our schedule. We had lots of fun in the evenings. We got a full week of math, sciene, TOG, and such in.....we're off and running.

I have the flu. Yes, the real flu. I doubt pregnancy would cause aches. ::snort:: After produce co-op I ate something and then realized that I really didn't feel well at all and all the symptoms are adding up to possibly a bout of flu. If you were in my home this a.m. - I'm sorry. Seriously, I wasn't feeling quite up to par and didn't handle the produce today - other than green beans. I wondered why it took me the whole sorting time to get green beans cut.....make sure you wash those and that should take care of all my germs.

I tend to plow through illness.....but since Mike was home this afternoon and I was exhausted, I went to bed. I'm still in bed. Mike has them out and about town somewhere..... I was given the very special task of watching Stacia's current favorite baby. LOL

I woke up to this.....Mike always has funner ideas than I. We've been swimming all summer and this is the first time he's been here to participate and he thinks of THIS. Humph! LOL This actually a great way for the kids to get the feel of the new kayak. I doubt the canoes will make their way to the pool any time soon. ::snort::

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Michelle said...

Oh De'Etta, I'm sorry to hear you're ill. I'm praying for a quick recovery.

That is WAAAAY cool (having the kayak in the pool)! Wayne wanted to put our kayak in our pool but our kayak is a tandem (two seater) and our pool is much smaller than yours so it wouldn't quite work, lol!

berrypatch said...

So sorry you are sick & with the flu! AAHH! I hope you recover quickly. I love that last photo of Stacia - what a pro! ;-)

Debbie said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you can lick it quickly. What fun with the kayak...the kiddoes look like they are having a great time.

Heather said...

Praying you feel better soon, D! Love the Kayak in the pool idea. LOL
Your family always has so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Praying too re: flu.

Kayak in the pool is way cool! lol

momteacherfriend said...

Stinky on the flu.
Congrats on your first full week of school.
And your hubby is brilliant- great idea.

Anonymous said...

Sis: Sorry on the flu and have been praying. You are my only HOPE for another grandchild.

However Tony/Amy do bring hope of a great-grandchild someday! I love those babies!

Good for Mike. What a manly doll!

How cool is the kayak. Love the waves for those who can handle them!

Love Stacia's "can do" spirit. Wouldn't G'Ma S. love watching her grow up?

love/prayers Mom T

Jodi said...

Kayak in the pool, fun, fun, fun!

So sorry about the flu, praying that you feel better soon.

Cynthia said...

Hope you're feeling better SOON!

Romany said...

I hope you feel better soon!