Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog Things

Since several have emailed, I'll create a blog entry.

Debbie turned me on to a cool site about a month ago. Check out The Cutest Blog on the Block.

TCBOTB has FREE templates, accessories etc. You CAN purchase customized elements if you desire, I haven't. They've come up with a way that you add the template as a page element on the "add an element" page. This makes it EASY and you DON'T loose things. You can then go and customize fonts and colors.

The site also hosts tutorials for making your OWN templates etc. I plan to use several of them when I have time to play. ::snort::

Amy' Tutorials (linked in my sidebar) used to be my favorite spot. She CERTAINLY has more tutorials....but the ones at TCBOTB are really easy to follow. Both are now my favorite spot to look when I need to know how to do something. LOL

The next time I have a bit of time, I plan to download a photo editing program and create my OWN signature so that I'm not at the mercy of 3rd party scripts. ::Grrrr::

AND....somewhere I learned that it's all the 3rd party java scripts and codes that slow down the loading of a blog. I moved most of those to the bottom of my sidebar and wala - it loads quicker. It's always fun to learn new tricks. (I HAD to leave the girls countdowns at the top).

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Cynthia said...

I tried one of those on my test blog and was really excited that it can be done as a page element instead of having to install a whole new template! I may even try it myself since it is THAT easy...

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

They are GREAT for those who like change but like things to look "nice" too....

Now - you DO have to change your template to minima if that doesn't bother you. There is a bit of concern for those with a custom template (as I had and you now have) that you may lose a few things when you change to minima...but I didn't....other than I opted to do away with the buttons and header that no longer "matched". LOL

Kristine said...

Hah, I was brave enough to try TCBOTB after Dorothy said how easy it was. FUN!!!! SIMPLE!!!

It's the little things in life, honestly!