Wednesday, November 26, 2008's a Christmas Secret

Oh my word (and that is not swearing)!

I took Stacia and Arielle out shopping this a.m. Our mission? To buy the ONE "big dinosaur" left in town for Zander for Christmas. I explained to Stacia that this was for Christmas and that it was a surprise.

We had a blast. We discovered a secret - you can get great deals the day BEFORE Thanksgiving - no lines, great selection - about 10% more....but well worth it for ME. LOL I also discovered that many stores will offer the same deals I bought a gift for the older 3 kids online this a.m.

We picked up the big dinosaur - no photo. Zander won't read the blog - but he could SEE a photo if I included it. ::snort::

We also found this. We've never had an Advent Calendar. WHAT do I put inside the boxes? There is no room for candy or coins (as Stacia suggests) for each child in each little box.

Stacia was drawn to these ornaments. It was only as we checked out that we realized she thought they were REAL. ::snort::

Each year we create photo ornaments for each child. Most our ornaments are now photos of the children. As they leave home, they will take their ornaments...and in our old age we'll have a set of all the Christmas'. I found these on sale today. I'm quite sure they'd have been cheaper tomorrow but you see I needed them ALL and got them ALL. When you live in AK or in a small West TX town you learn that rain checks etc do you no good during the Holidays. You learn to shop early. LOL

Are you wondering why I titled this, "Shhhh, it's a Christmas secret?" I'm getting to it.

We arrived home and told Stacia to make sure that Zander was in his room so we could sneak the big dino into the house. The big boys came out and helped with the groceries. We snuck the dino in and I went to let Zander know he could come out of his room. He was sitting on a stool looking stern and perplexed. He KNOWS my rule: "If you guess your gift or find your gift, it goes back to the store!"

He was saying, "Stacia, I KNOW you did NOT buy me a big dinosaur!"

She was earnestly and sweetly looking up and saying, "ZANDER, MOM DID BUY YOU A BIG DINOSAUR!"

We got her out of the room. Jamin set about convincing Zander that Stacia is clueless and he shouldn't trust her observations.

Nolan explained to Stacia that it was a Christmas Secret. She walked back into the house, looked at us all and said, "Shhh....Zander....your big dinosaur is a Christmas secret!" ::SNORT::

Well....he didn't set out to discover it. We hid it in a new spot and he's not been able to find a big dino in his forays into my closet. He may still be surprised....We spend $50 per child on Christmas - so this is it! Let's hope he thinks she's mixed up. ::snort::

Meanwhile, I'm also uploading photos for a Christmas surprise I'm creating.

Our Christmas cards are on their way - and I plan to mail them this year.

I purchased the well-loved gift card that I like to put in Christmas stockings.

I also PURCHASED goodies for tonight instead of baking this afternoon. We've decided it more important to meet Mike on base at 4:30 to go bowling before the Thanksgiving service. We've been promising Zander we'd go bowling for months.
©2008 D.R.G.


Jen said...

Oh, I love the Advent box! I have one like it, but not with the Nativity on it. What we have done is alternate which child gets something each day. I have put candy, coins, small ornaments, small toys, etc.

Chris said...

I am doing the majority of my shopping online this year. The girls wanted all American girl stuff, the boys want legos and my oldest just wants a gift card to Target. Easy peasy :). I have never had an advent calendar because I have your problem, what to put in the spaces with a big family.

Deja said...

What a full day. Sounds like you got lots and lots accomplished. Enjoy this little reprieve from Nutcracker...cuz it will RULE YOUR LIFE beginning on Sunday ;-)

Stephanie said...

How cute! That will be a great memory. :)

Becki said...

A slip of paper with clues to where a surprise is stashed. Sometimes candy, sometimes a new movie, sometimes a family ornament, a Christmas book, a coupon for a family outing, packets of cocoa and new mugs, etc. for the surprises.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Oh wow, Becki, you go all out! I'll have to think about could be a lot of fun....

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Ah, but Deja, what is wonderful about the Nutcracker is it puts you in a Holiday mood and it will be OVER by the 7th of December - which means I will still have a couple of weeks to do all else that happens around my life this time of year. LOL

Jodi said...

oh my the big dinosaur story is hilarious!

Could you fit one of something in each advent box and then have the stash for everyone else set aside. Like whoever opens the drawer gets the clue to the item or the first item. Then hets to go get the packet of same items from somewhere with more room for the other kids. Say it's chocolate coins, one in the drawer baggie of them elsewhere for the others.

Cynthia said...

Cute ornaments! I wish we had done that years ago!

Janette said...

where , oh where did you find those picture ornaments? We have been doing the pictures since my 25 year old was born. I want to start a set for the kids now too....

Kristine said...

That is a RIOT about the Christmas "secret"! When Holly was 3, she and I went shopping and bought Robert sunglasses. (Hey, it's sunny in Colorado all year 'round.)

Driving home, I told her they were a big secret, don't tell Daddy, it's a Christmas present, and we want him to be surprised. She pipes up in response, "We bought you perfume."