Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Games

We spent the afternoon enjoying various games.

Imagine If -

Josiah bought an incredibly fun game, Cosmic Ball, for Mike for Christmas. Players wear little sensors on their hands...see Cy below...


Then you toss a ball around and the ball calls out colors to determine where you throw it. It has several games you can play.....sort of a cross between "Hot Potato" and "Big Doggie"...and other such games.

This kid is SO much fun. Long-live Sanguine Extroverts. ::snort::


It's a duel...

Winner of the round....go Longhorns????

Down to two again....
Josiah found this at Wal-mart in the game aisle. It's good for six players. We thought about getting 2 so we'd have more sensors - but the ball would still call only six colors...unless we used BOTH idea with possibilities. ::snort::

©2008 D.R.G.


RZ said...

I have always loved Jared. How it hurts me to see him making obscene gestures. And to think that you posted it on your blog.


Anonymous said...

Sis: Fun and what can one say but go for it.

Don't think what looks like an obscene gesture is.....

I think I even could have fun and keep up with this game. :):)

l/p Mom T

Anonymous said...


WOW how much fun you have shown and what special gifts everyone gave. Giving is so much fun.

And just think..... the knives came from a Christian Book Store. Got Tony one also.

Glad you liked the memory gifts. This house is overflowing with such things and we are starting to give away to any of you kids/G'kids that like this or that.

Love the look on Nolan's face. Priceless.

love/prayers Mom T.

berrypatch said...

The ball game looks like A LOT of fun. I may have to see if I can find that. I've been slowly adding to our game stash & I like the more interactive/learning style games.