Friday, December 26, 2008

Creative Daughter

Krista has always been very resourceful and creative. I LOVE this year's gifts. I plan to copy the idea and thought some of you may want to do the same. I have a "hall of fame" where I try to keep a photo of each child....I plan to make these and I can easily switch out photos at will. LOL

Nolan's gift....

Josiah's - each had photos of them and Krista and the meaning of their name along with a verse she picked for them.

Those that shared a room also had a bigger one with joint photos... see left canvas.


Girls' joint canvas

Stacia's canvas


Directions from Krista - Buy the canvas cheap at Walmart; Paint it to match room or likes; print out name and verse on vellum; attach it all with coordinating paper and photos.... Krista used hot glue....I think that's best for the paper to canvas and I'd use some scrapbooking tape for the photos...but she did this while she was snowed in in Spokane and thought she HAD tape...didn't. LOL

Aren't they GREAT? I thought about snagging them for my hall....but she meant them for their rooms. ::snort::

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Stephanie said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas! I love all of your ideas. What happy faces. And, Krista's gifts are beautiful! I think I might need to put that on the list for next year. :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

They really are cute - I am chomping to get started on some.....LOL

Debbie said...

Wow, what a fantastic idea and gift. These are really very nice. What a clever young lady.

Anonymous said...

Krista's gifts are excellent! Thank you for sharing them.

Linda said...

Really cool!

Jodi said...

Those are very nice!

Anonymous said...

Krista: Beautiful gifts with such meaning. Sure am looking forward to have 3 of you Geocker kids living here next year.

Think I might really enjoy you and Bre helping me with unique decorating ideas. Well, we also might have a lot of fun including your 3 Aunts and Amy.

Love you babe!

love/prayers G'Ma T.

Cynthia said...


berrypatch said...

I love this idea! I actually did something similar once & gave it to my hubby for his office. I used Modge-Podge for the whole thing. I painted the canvas, decorated, used the decoupage glue to add photos & then coated the WHOLE thing with it. It turned out really nice if I do say so myself. ;-)