Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jamin's Day

Shew - never know what you'll learn on these shopping/lunch dates. Today Jamin shocked me.

We've known he was wrestling with a few fact this a.m. I PLANNED to post a request for prayer for Jamin. It's hard to know WHICH college to apply to, which deadlines and admission requirements to try to fulfill when you aren't sure WHERE you'll be attending. Jamin has toyed all along with the idea of moving with us and attending a college wherever that is to get general classes out of the way....until we know where we're moving....It's hard to complete those plans.

Today at lunch he mentioned that HE'S been thinking of attending Bible College instead of pursuing an English degree with writing emphasis. He LOVES writing. He enjoys his writing with the paper and magazines....but he can't get away from the idea of missions. He could explain his feelings better than I - but basically he feels "alive" when he's on missions trips or volunteering at House of Faith. Until writing became his main focus about 4 years ago....missions was his focus. We can see missions and writing in his future. There is a significant discount for applications received by 1 Jan and so today we came home from shopping and checked into what would be needed for him to get his application in by 1 Jan to Eugene Bible College. We spent the afternoon working on his application. He has a bit more to do and we'll send it off tomorrow. He's not sure that this is the option he will follow....but if, after more prayer, this is still what he decides to do, he'll have the application in.......and if we move to Alaska...he's coming with us. If we go overseas to Europe....he'll come. ::snort:: I asked the admission's office if I could get a discount for multiple students attending - they looked into it and said there is no precedent for such. LOL

I was blown off my mark and forgot to take photos!

I also tracked down Nenana School District and had them fax Bre's transcript to Eugene.

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Anonymous said...


Jean in our career center at school said there are still plenty of grants from all kinds of places left for the 09-10 college year but that getting applications in early is great. Would work for all 3 in college.

Mom T

Janette said...

I suggestions needed...but...Master's College in California has an excellent mission call. I really know realitively little more- just know that my friends with Campus Crusade in Monterey (Naval College) sent three of their there (so the assistance must be pretty good).

Cynthia said...

Wouldn't it be fun if all (or at least most) your older kids could be together at the same school.