Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Please Pray for BreAnne

BreAnne is in OR with a Master's Commission trip. They have to drive back to WA on Thursday. There have been freak ice/snow storms. Bre is the relief driver. All the students and Bre have flights out Friday morning so they really want to make it back to WA on Thursday. This is reminding me of the Greyhound experience of a couple of Christmas' ago....y'all remember they would NOT have made it on the plane? This year all are flying home.....would you pray for safe travels?

Also - in other news - Bre submitted her application to Eugene Bible College yesterday. She'll be able to enter as a Junior with her credits earned while at Master's Commission.

That's all my news on Bre. Well, Zander told MIKE last night that I was "plain wrong" and that we'll all see when Bre gets here with a man. ::snort::

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Cynthia said...

Praying for Bre and all of the kids making their flights! How exciting that her MC credits will apply and she can enter as a Jr. That's AWESOME!

De'Etta ~ Central's IIC said...

It IS awesome....and they've learned some hands on ministry that Mike and I never learned in Bible Collge.

Anonymous said...

Praying. Thanks for the updates on her. Good to know how God is leading!

Linda said...

Ok, is it Bre who is Zander's "lover" or Krista? I can't remember!

Anonymous said...

Krista is Alexanders lover.

Sis: I'd love to be listening to ball the conversations as Alexander gets the visit of David flying in with Bre all figured out. ::):):)

love/prayers Mom T.

Anonymous said...

SIS: Wow how blessed Dad/I are going to be blessed this next few years with extra grandkids in the area. Whoopie!@

l/p Mom T