Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sneaking Away to the Book Bank!

Shhh....don't tell Mike. He thinks I'm still at rehearsal. I snuck away after Act 1 and will go back in time to see the end.....I've been assured I'll be back in plenty of time. I know - I felt a bit guilty leaving, but I noticed that many parents seem to come and go. AND I didn't watch every baseball, basketball or football practice come to think of it.

This has been A DAY! I was up to my elbows in chocolate (because that is how I bake or paint) when the computer alarm went off. I thought, "hmmm must be 30 minutes until I need to have Jared at House of Faith."

NO - it meant I should be at the base in a meeting. I was late - but made it. Then started the Thursday shuttling from spot to spot. I'm so glad this is ONE day of my week and not every day of my week. ::snort:: Piano lessons went well for Arielle and OK for Nolan. We made it by a speciality store to buy supplies to make a treat for the tea - now we only need more time. I picked up Jared at House of Faith and had time to go through the drive-thru and get Nolan to practice. Now, I relax.

Today's directive was...

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Our mission
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Stacia is ALWAYS a huge help!
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Not the prettiest, but the kids assure me they taste good! LOL We DID have fun making them.
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I don't know if did a hunt and/or opened a little gift tonight. I'll have to post, if they did, when I get home.

YES, Bre, you will be here for 6 or so of our activities and gifts...we are so far ahead of you. ::snort::

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berrypatch said...

I work at our AWANA every week checking in kids. One of my friends came up to me a couple of weeks ago to ask if it was okay if she ran to Wal-Mart (10 mins away) to pick up stuff for the Thanksgiving baskets. She was making sure it was okay to leave her kids - who were both off to their respective groups. I assured her it was fine & that the vast majority of parents do NOT stay - they drop them off and leave. She was shocked. LOL I used to do the same thing before I got roped in to helping out. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully productive day! Chocolate looks great everyone!

Lynn said...

Your truffles look beautiful, if you ask me :)

Jodi said...

Those chocolates look VERY good!

Anonymous said...

Sis: How could chocolate be and look anything but super GOOD! I see we raised you the right way when it comes to chocolate. :):)

Looks like a fun day. 1/2 the fun of kids coming home is the anticipation..... then 100% of the fun is having them there..... really does not add up but you get the point..... nothing better than having ones kids and later in life grandkids around. l/p Mom T

Cynthia said...

What a day! The goodies look YUMMY!