Sunday, June 15, 2008

Photobucket The Day

~Mike took Josiah to the airport at 6 a.m.

~Mike went back to bed and then fielded phone calls for a couple of hours. ::snort:: We realized today that when ALL the kids are out of our home we will be on the phone all day on Mother's Day and Father's Day. He heard for children in Boston, NYC, and WA.

~We went to lunch - Mike's choice.

~Mike cut Nolan's hair (he won't let me near him after my last episode)
~I cut Zander and Stacia's hair.

~Military Mohawk ::snort::

~The kids played Settlers of Catan and watched Ben Hur.
~We went to church.

~We talked with Mom and Dad....and then Jamin slipped us a note that said the fridge and freezer weren't working.

When I was pregnant with Jared our fridge died. We did NOT have the $ to replace it. I made lots of jokes about being an MK and knowing how to live without a fridge. We were assistant pastors at a little church in Hardin, MT. The church got together and bought us an 18 cubic feet fridge. THAT is the fridge that gave up; after 14 years.

We cleaned the fridge. Mike began looking at ads. TOMORROW our monthly United order comes in. I'll have two cases of yogurt, a case of raw cheese, freezer items.....ugh. We located all the coolers and began to make plans.

As we cleaned Jamin teased me about the possibility of pregnancy as these sorts of calamities seem to happen when I'm pregnant.

I was washing a glass shelf and it EXPLODED.....I mean SHATTERED. I had glass in my hair, I was covered. We thought about it and the only way anyone could come up with to free me of glass was for me to take a shower - clothed. That's the first time I've done that since we used to bathe at the town pump in the Philippines. ::snort:: In the shower, I realized I was covered with little knicks.
Mike vacuumed and cleaned the glass in the kitchen. I now had glass all over the bathroom to clean.
The boys took wilted veggies to the compost. Which was full because of yard work yesterday. As Jared was loading stuff into the composter a cauliflower fell out of the tree and landed on his foot. ::snort:: He looked around and thought, "that's wierd". He kept working and then was beaned with a flying head of Romaine. BOYS! ::snort:: He finally figured it out. Jamin said it was "hippie warfar" - veggie weapons.
Jared is happy to have discovered a new reading niche - the old fridge? It's clean.

Tomorrow I need to find a new fridge, meet a United truck, do school, write an article for HSBA....

Jamin just found glass in the window sill....



Romany said...

Just a warning: I hope you've taken the door off the fridge, whilst it's still in your home. A surprising number of small children die every year after closing themselves in old empty fridges. I know it sounds odd, but better safe than sorry.

Kathy in WA said...

De'Etta - another adventure packed day in the life of your family. :) Never content to have a dull moment, eh.

Quick question - does your family like Settlers? Have they figured out how to play it? We were blessed to have friends teach us. That is often an easier way to learn. Once you all play it enough and are a little tired of it, you simply must add on Cities and Knights. MUCH more fun and a nice bit of added complexity to the game.

Are you schooling through the summer?

Stephanie said...

Do you need any help today? I only have my two little ones and am more than willing to do whatever you need help doing...

I also have two GIGANTIC coolers (the boys go deep sea fishing and need the human size coolers for all those tuna...) if you need to borrow them.

Let me know what I can do! 374-6164

Laura Paxton said...

Gotta love the timing on the household catastrophes! Hope you get it all done today!

Anonymous said...

Sis: WOW! You do find the most interesting and challenging ways to keep a day busy............

And I think I am busy! not really!
Just think all I have to do is work in our side, front & back yards plus a garden area.... more tilling, raking and planting. Jawo got everything tilled 2 times but now we are told we need to change the direction of the blades and till once more. ??? The only way I can keep Dad from doing to much what with the hip and knees is sto geat him to the job. Actually it is fun in a crazy sort of way.

l/p Mom T

Linda said...

What a day! Hey, I saw this really neat fridge on "Spice Up My Kitchen" (an HGTV show). You should really get one. It was 48" wide. Had 2 side-by-side refrig. compartments on the top. The bottom was also divided into two sides. The right side was another refrig. compartment ("for the kids to put their drinks and snacks" so said the host) and the other side had 2 big pull-out freezer drawers. It was really neat. All this for the minimal price of $11,000! LOL! I'm not kidding!

Debbie said...

You sure pack a lot into one day!

So glad you didn't cut yourself badly.

Rachel talks about taking their "shower" in their clothes with the hose in PI. I really should write some of these things down for her as I am finding her memory is fading some for things of PI.

The Boyds said...

What a day. I too am glad you were not hurt worse. BTW, you can definitely see the results of your fitness regimen. No kidding, you look great!

Is there a special yard sale website for your base/town? We have it's like craigslist for the military but much better. Apparentely there's a lot of these sites up and in the process. Just today I got a great deal on a nice couch & love seat! Check into it for a fridge (although, it sounds like there is no time for a major bargain hunt). If you don't have a site, you can request one for your base at the holloman site. Get enough requests and they'll do their best to get one up and running.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes!! Baths at the Barrio's town pumps and/or at the end of any hose. Surprising how clean one can get when bathing in ones clothes in front of all the courious kids. Miss that life actually!


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kathy - they are figuring Settlers out. They seem to like it as it's been out several days this week.

We ARE doing some school this summer. We should be done with TOG by the end of June....but we'll do LA and maths through the summer. AND all the hands on I've neglected to get us done with TOG by June. We plan to begin the new year in August and be done by May next year as we'll have a move in the summer.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Stephanie - thanks for the offer. It was good to see you but I wanted to say more.....

Laura - it all got done. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Linda - 11K - just a bit out of my budget. ::snort::

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL Debbie - it would be great to get Rachel's stories down before she forgets about her early days in the PI.

Baths at the hose or pump are a memory I'll not forget. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Summer - the photo is flattering - I've not lost weight...but I'm diligent. ::snort::

I went to hollomanyardsale and requested one for our area.

Cynthia said...

LOL! Not much else one can do with a day like that except laugh!

Jodi said...

Glad you weren't hurt worse or gotten some in your eye or something. That would have been awful. Good that the others helped you clean up the disaster.