Friday, August 01, 2008


Please pray for Josiah (19 yo). Tonight was a hard night at peer with a brother dying of cancer and one that had to be fired. Pray for Josiah's witness and for God to be glorified. There is a chance that Josiah will not be able to go on vacation with us due to these situations at work. Please pray. I know it's not earth-shattering but we'd love to have him there and he'd love to be there.

Now....a summary of the day......

I crossed 12 items off the list.

We cleaned paint off pillars, patios, carpets, children and dogs.

Jamin made his homemade pizza for dinner.

I found out that Jared needs $100 more than we had calculated. God will provide work. I know He will. In fact, he has been asked to take out a rock thing in someones yard when we get back. It will come together.

Mike worked all day (this is his day "off")....I worked all day.

I put in all the titles I need for the first unit of next year and it came to $744...this is NOT paying for the syllabus....and we decided to combine Zander and Nolan on many topics next year so that saved a level of books.....I'm going to take the list and go through the library catalog tomorrow....then I'll scrutinize it again....for instance do we need an art book on the middle ages for EACH level...or would one work for all....does each level need a church history book etc. Mike looked at all the books around here and said, "I would think at some point we'd have all the books we need for a school year." The thing is I DID have a lot of the books on the list. ::snort::

I called Sprint. The official stance from the highest supervisor I could talk to is, "if you call and request the discount we will give it to you." BUT it doesn't matter that she told us we'd have it - we have to call and request it or they have "no proof of your military status". Um.....when I talked to them on the phone the did NOT ask for any additional proof, they DID see our ID etc at the kiosk and Mike LOOKS military....not many men his age walking around with a buzz like this unless they are in the military. ANYway....Mike filed a complaint with BB and I have contact info for the corporate office. I think they need to train the locals better.

I'm off to's nearly mid-night. Whatever isn't done can wait until tomorrow.

OH - do you know what this means?
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Kathy in WA said...

Whew - I'm tired just reading your post! Sounds like you got a lot done but there's still more (always). I had planned to sit down and do school/curriculum planning and ordering but was thrown off by an unexpected visitor.

Isn't that why we moms are so adept at being flexible. :)

have a great Saturday!

Romany said...

Nothing like refreshing rain when the land is parched.

Anonymous said...

Very strange about Sprint. When my dad signed up for a family plan, his military, all he needed was his ID. He got a discount on the purchase of the phones and a monthly one.

Praying it works out.


Michelle said...

De'Etta, I'm sorry to hear Sprint is not upholding their end of the contract. How frustrating! Praying a quick and righteous end is reached.

How exciting...only four days! Woohoo!

I'm praying for Josiah.

Kris said...

I can't believe how much trouble you're having with Sprint. We have great service with them although they did have trouble incorporating our discount at first. We signed up at a kiosk in the BX in SA and the girl was not very well trained, but once I started dealing with customer service it was resolved no problem. And they did make it retroactive since we had signed a contract. I am so sorry you are having trouble.

Kristine in NE

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Let me clear up the sprint thing:

The woman at the kiosk said we'd get a discount on our phones and a monthly discount.

I didn't notice until June that we were NOT getting this.

I called them. They BEGAN giving me the discount - didn't ask for any proof that we were military.

I thought since she promised it they should give it to us in Jan - regardless of when I noticed it.

Evidently their policy is to tell you you get a discount, not write it down, then not give it to you until you call to request it because "they need proof of military" - but they don't ask for that when they call and the local woman had MORE proof that the customer service.

Bottom line - they'll give you the discount but you have to call and request it.....they don't automatically give it to you - and when you ask WHY you aren't getting it they will tell you that they don't give back discounts.

In my book it's wrong. I thought the one man just had it wrong but have since talked to numerous supervisors and now will talk to their corporate office. This is how they handle it.

They told me to be happy they gave me the discount starting in July as it isn't written down.....I told them if they are going to have their kiosk salesmen telling the military they get a discount THEY should explain that you don't really get it unless you call and ask for it.

I KNOW that they give a discount. I am also NOT the first person who has noticed months after signing up that they AREN'T getting the discount. This seems to be fairly common for sprint....there was even a link for complaining about it at the BB.

Anonymous said...

OH MY! Will be praying for Josiah. It is hard sometimes being the one with the responsibility. Praying he gets to go with you all. Will also pray God gives him words at the right time for the one with cancer and words in the firing situation.

Sprint!! We had them for years but not being military had no special deals.... so they behaved. Praying you come out on top!

Several people asked about you and Mike last night at EBC's Reconnect. We sat by Cindy Howard. She looks much the same as she ever did. HI from her for sure!!

Cynthia said...

Hopefully they would go back and make it retroactive...... errrrr...

Cynthia said...

I think Verizon must give some sort of discount as well... I think my brother said he gets a 10% discount for being in law enforcement.

Margie said...

I found a great website to catalog your home library.
All you do is type in the IBSN number and it pulls your book up and you add it to your own "library catalog". Warning...make sure you get your most important stuff done first. It takes time if you have a lot of books. It is not something that you start and finish right away. But in the long run it is so worth it. It is free for the first 200 books, then you can choose to become a lifetime member for as little as $19.00. Just thought you might think this was useful:)