Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

Stacia discovered play dough in RE today....and I realized that I should probably go buy some...I know there is a reason we've not had it in the house for 3 years....but I can't remember WHAT. I know I planned to make some...but I haven't...and she had a blast with it.


Chapel was good. I didn't hear every word of the Sermon but I DID hear Ch. M say that his heart is to know (intimacy again) God more and more with each year. That was cool - he meant it.

One of my "grace filled goals" this year is to cook Sunday dinner "most weeks". This is a gift for Mike and Josiah. Mike has taken us out for years and years after church gives the children and I a day of rest. It makes Sunday a bit less hectic. Sunday is the ONE day that we know that Josiah and Jamin will both be off of work....but it is a BUSY day for Mike. I determined to give Josiah a gift of a home cooked meal on Sunday. I must say it was MUCH nicer to sit around the table than it is strung out over 2 or 3 tables in a restaurant. We had Chicken Divan (Cy's favorite). It started out as Cy's gift - but I think Mike will enjoy it as well. I had to make salad dressing and a salad (could have done that earlier) next week I'll plan ahead a bit more...and I'm sure I'll soon have a list of dinners that work well with chapel....I hope. ::snort:: I ended up skipping Fellowship Time so that I could get dinner in the oven in a timely fashion. Mike had to get back to the office. LOL

I made it to the gym...and finished this book...which I'll review in the next day or so. Yes, the cover makes everyone uncomfortable so I covered it - the book itself is excellent. ::snort::

That's about it for the day. LOL

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Renee said...

Playdoh should be safer than scissors.

Anonymous said...

"intimacy" continues to be a theme that keeps showing up in PWOCI discussions....confirmation, huh!

Kris said...


Let me know if you want any homemade playdough recipes. I have a couple and, even though your babies are older, they are all safe to eat, all natural ingredients.

Kathy in WA said...

What book? Something good, I guess. :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

::snort:: playdough is safer than scissors but school scissors, paste and crayons just made their reappearance in our home this fall. I'm taking steps. LOL

Interesting, Mel. I do seem to find that I'm sometimes about a year ahead of the PWOC focus...which is always a confirmation one way or another.

Kris - thanks for the offer. I'll yell if I don't have one.

Kathy - Never Say Diet and the companion book - I just posted a review and giveaway copy.