Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SLUG BUG, Zander!

I chose the header photo because it was taken just before we walked away from our home in Eagle River, Alaska. We did NOT realize how good Zander's memory is. He talks about the "stair home" and this creek nearly every day....and has for 4 years...EVERY day. ::snort:: He was 3 when we moved. Just before this shot was taken, we'd stood in a circle and remembered the good and the bad from our time in AK and released balloons.
Zander is SEVEN years old today! Wow, Zander. Your focused attention on the things that interest you amazes me. I love your stories. I'm trying to be a better listener. Thanks for giving me opportunity to practice.
You won't understand this now....but you have brought great challenge and great blessing to our lives.* You have provided great learning for Mom and Dad at a time when we thought we'd parented every personality type available.
I've learned that grace is always the best course, even when others don't "get it." You've taught me not to expect too much, nor too little...but to take each day's challenges as they arrive.
I've learned that Mommy's can face peer pressure and that mentoring a child's heart is ALWAYS more important than what other adults think of me.
I've learned to run to God when I'm perplexed and not sure how to best help you.
Zander, I'm excited to see you start to care for Stacia and watch out for her. I love the way you are starting to help out more around home.
I'm so very thankful to be your mom, Zander. I look forward to the lessons I will learn as I learn to be the best Mommy I can be to you. You are my favorite 7 year old in the world.
Happy Birthday, Zander.

Zander's impulses lead to great adventures

Hmmm....2 years old

A fascination with sea life must have begun at this moment


*And now a note to readers: Zander is our alphabet boy. I can't even remember all the alphabet dx....ADHD, OCD, ODD, SI, aspie to name a few...oh and we can never forget the impulse thing.

We discovered that diet is huge for Zander. When he eats SAD (Standard American Diet) he CAN'T learn, reason or respond to us. He retreats into himself or he bounces off the wall - often at the same time. He begins to do things like hitting his head against walls or twirling around in circles.....and when we take out preservatives, flavors, dyes etc....he's a lovable handful. Because of this little guy's challenges...we've all become healthier. That's a blessing.
Because Zander doesn't relate socially according to norm,we often have amazingly wonderful moments.....like the time the man stocking Walmart shelves asked him, "What are you going to be when you grow up?" and he replied, "Your boss." Or the time he lectured Coach A on the best way to win a basketball game. Or the time he decided to see what would happen if you spit from a balcony.....inside... These moments (except that last one) provide blessed moments of humor.
We're currently trying to help Zander learn impulse control and social appropriateness.
Zander is slowly learning how to read. He tends to go in cycles....one thing will be fascinating for months on end and then he'll move to the next. He's just begun showing a real fascination with printed words...so I think he'll learn to read next...
Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Zander!

Anonymous said...

We wish Alexander a very Happy Birthday! The R. family in AK.

My dd MJ said, "Wow! We both have February birthday's. Please tell him I turn 7 in 11 days."

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Darshia - MJ turns SEVEN? WOW....I suppose we've seen Zander gradualy age...but MJ turning 7 seems remarkable.

Romany said...

Happy Birthday Zander!

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Happy Birthday Zander!

I love it, every time I visit your blog it's a new birthday! I'll miss it when you get past the season of boy birthdays. LOL

berrypatch said...

What a great post, De'Etta! Happy Birthday, Zander!!! ;-)

Cynthia said...

WOW! It really has been awhile. hard to believe you're about ready to move again! LOVE the slug bugs!

Anonymous said...

Alexander: WOW!! 7years old! Happy Birthday. Grandpa says he sure misses being able to play with you and go for a walk.

We are so proud to hear how well you are doing in school.... Love you tons!

DeEtta the posts you are doing on each person are so nice......

love/prayers to you all. G'Ma and/or Mom T