Friday, February 27, 2009



Yes, THIS is the way the day started. WHEN am I going to remember to turn the blender OFF before I take the lid off to throw in the flax seeds??????? ::snort::

I started yogurt in the Crock Pot.

We did a bit of school.

I ran to pick up produce. Love ya Deja. I was "away from home longer than expected," therefore, the yogurt cooked an hour too long. We shall see if it works. Deja's yogurt is MUCH thicker than mine - same recipe. We are wondering if the difference is that she uses Yoplait for a starter and I use Brown Cow (non-homogenized).

We did more school.

Jared (15) and I had a GREAT history discussion. I can tell that he is going to be fun to learn alongside. He'll soon be our only high school student as Jamin has raced ahead and is finishing early.


Yes - it's WHITE - but it smells WONDERFUL! Does that count as bonus points to make up for the white?
Stacia doesn't care if the colors are boring.

We're using the devotionals from, "Family Celebrations at Easter" by Ann Hibbard for our evening family times. I love having a PLAN.



Pizza and a Torchlighters movie from Netflix...William Tyndale... finished off the night. We are currently studying the Reformation; this DVD was timely. I put the rest of the series in our Netlfix queue. The animation was a bit hokey but the story was well done. This is the sort of hero figure I need to bring into our home. I have also dug out the old missionary biographies we used to read to the older kids.

Choosing Joy!
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Jen said...

I like the cross candle holder! I thought about looking for something like that, but settled for a trumpet shaped candle holder that I already own. We are also using Ann Hibbard's Easter devotions this year. It always takes me forever to find it each year as I tend to take it off the book shelf to show it to others and teach about celebrating Passover. My other Hibbard books are always neatly shelved! :-)

Kristine said...

On the plus side, the yogurt was SUPPOSED to be in the crock pot, lol.

(Maybe it's a new definition of a hs mom, cook your own yogurt.)