Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fun Quote of the Week

In my searching...THIS is my favorite quote of the week: "There is a simple fact that pizzas have strong connection with geeks. Large amount of pizzas (and cokes, of course) consumed in front of every computer screens. From this fact arises one clear theory to increase the sales of pizza: Attract geeks." I think this may be the link to the entry where I found the quote... Evidently, Pizza Hut has a campaign in Japan to attract "Geeks" Convent girls.....see more here... I'm pretty sure I'm not understanding the subtleties of the issue but the quote above did CRACK ME UP!!!! AND I now know there are Pizza Huts in Japan. ::snort::

Evidently, if you order from Pizza Hut online you get free Oolong Tea with your pizza - I believe that is the coca-cola label at the top of the can...which makes me wonder if coke in Japan means "canned drink" like it means "any type of soda" down here in TX.

This is going to be FUN! We do love experiencing different parts of the world. Hmmm....and now I have a strange desire to go to a Pizza Hut...must be because I'm a geek? BTW, I think the girls are darling...they don't look like Geeks to me. Evidently they are convent girls....attend a convent school? Hmmm...more to research.

Choosing Joy!
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